The "Graceland" of Georgia; often is thought of as boring by people who probably had no friends or got beat up at late night. Stateboro makes itself home to some of the greatest inventions of the 21st century: Eagle Creek Golf Course, the most miles of dirt roads in Georgia, The Woodin Nikel, Zaxby's, and best of all the damn fine southern girl wearin that little sundress on gameday.

One of the major attractions of Statesboro is Georgia Southern University where they don't discriminate against people who aren't smart. The policy at Georgia Southern is that "you can go here for as long as you want and still be an undergrad, just as long as you look good doing it."

Another thing, everyone here can fight. Usually the ones being dragged out of the bar/party are the ones that come from Athens, Clemson, or Auburn. So bring your dukes when you come, oh and put em up.
"I'm gonna say it one more time. We are Georgia Southern. Our colors are blue and white. We call ourselves the Bald Eagles. We call our offense the Georgia Power Company...and that's a terrific name for an offense. Our snap count is "rate, hike". We practice on the banks of Beautiful Eagle Creek and that's in Statesboro, Georgia--the gnat capital of America. Our weekends begin on Thursday. The co-eds outnumber the men 3 to 2. They're all good looking and they're all rich. And folks, you just can't beat that...and you just can't beat Georgia Southern. And you ain't seen nothin yet!"
-Erk Russell
by Dash S June 11, 2008
A small boring college town in southeast Georgia surrounded by cotton fields that is spelled that way because no one knew how to spell Statesborough.
"Hey, after we get drunk and stoned tonight in Statesboro let's go out and tip some cows"
by Deborah Spicer June 19, 2006
Statesboro is a tight city in georgia
tha ish
statesboro is a tight city
by goose July 16, 2004
pretty lame town,( this is coming from some one who lives there)
"I didn't even know Statesboro exsisted!" exclaimed Ashley
by lindsay March 2, 2005
A Statesboro Break In is the act in which someone penetrates an unknowing victim. As in a person bending over with no pants on, or if in the shower. Not to be confused with the southern trespass which is sneaking in the backdoor while having sex. The Statesboro Break In requires stealth, speed and most of all courage.

She bent over to pick up her underware and Bubba performed a Statesboro Break In on her. She screamed.

by Reagan Santmyer July 22, 2006
when you get shot in the ball sack or scrotum with an airsoft gun and the bb gets stuck in your ball or scrotum. then while having sex with a girl, you ejaculate the bb and then put it in the same airsoft gun that shot said bb and shot the girl with it. if one plays the "waiting ball showing game," be aware if your victims are crack shots and are armed.
Pat was denyed the rusty trombone by allison so out of a fit of rage he statesboro shoot em upped allison with the bb lodged in his sack which was shot by shea after receiving the goat
by the mudbutt maurader January 12, 2010