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a store that either people like or dont like. there is no middle ground on the matter. everyone says its over priced and it is, but what store in the mall isnt over priced. get real. gotta rake in the cash.
girl: these abercrombie jeans make my ass look totally sexy .... 70 dollars well spent!
by val February 05, 2005

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1. Difficult to understand.
2. Very intense, profound, or intriguing.
3.(Sound) Low pitch
4. (Color) Dark and intense
5. Of great depth or low placement. Specified distance from the top, surface, or edge.
6. Number of people
1. That's too deep for me.
2. His art is deep.
3. He's a deep baritone.
4. It's a deep purple.
5. The pool gets very deep near the diving board.
6. We rode 4 deep.
by Val November 25, 2003

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a man's group of ladies
Dude goes to lunch every day with his harem. They follow him everywhere like puppy dogs.
by val September 10, 2003

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probably the most annoying commercials ever created with the most retarded ringtones and wallpaper for your cell phone. created for fucktards of america.
you might find yourself ordering the 'sir mix a lot' ringtone while very drunk or stoned late at night watching mtv, then you wake up in the morning and feel like you have been cheated out of life.

drunk person: "man last night i think i got jammed"
by val February 01, 2005

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really great music that has unfortunatley been on trl and now all the girlzzzzzz totally want to bang the lead singer cause OmG he'zzzzzzz soooooooo caaauuuteee!!
teen girl: i soo love the killers... does this mean im cool now and can wear a white belt and become a scenester.
teen friend: yea totally... now we actually have to listen to the music LoL!!
by val January 31, 2005

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A city in the middle of the desert, known for gambling, quickie weddings and intense heat. A city where you can get anything at any time of day or night. Native Las Vegans don't do well outside of the city, as they are used to having everything open 24/7.
A closed sign infuriates them.
Las Vegas is home to one of the west coast's biggest populations of meth users.
I lived in Las Vegas, until the meth lab in the apartment next door blew up and killed us all.
by Val November 04, 2004

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Extremely large; gigantic and humongous; much larger than ginormous
The Grand Canyon is a gimongous hole.
by Val November 04, 2001

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