Filipino slang for a clueless, ditzy individual that sounds close to the English slang word "space cadet"

One who forgets, daydreams, or otherwise is distracted from reality more often than most.
She's kind of a space cadet but she's nice enough.

Medyo lutang sya, pero ayos sya.
by Vabe Tellurion December 13, 2022
A term used to any Filipino who supports Leni Robredo as their candidate.

They are commonly referred to as "Mga Kakampwet" or simply "Kakampwet"
15 Million na mga lutang ang bumoto kay LenLen (nickname for Leni Robredo)
Hay nako, andito naman ang mga lutang!
by Brtrrruh May 26, 2022
To be out of it due to lack of sleep or stress. The term is mostly used by college students or sleep-deprived working millenials.
"Bro, what's your favorite color? "
"Bro you're so lutang na, what the fuck."
by mayaonefish May 14, 2022
to act high and hyper even with little to no amount of sleep ; to be hyper and loud even if you're dead inside
"im so lutang"
by scootybeans July 2, 2018