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Nationalism comes from the word "Nation". a Nation is a group of people of (usually, but not always) the same race, history, culture, language and geographical territory.

Nationalism is the belief that every nation has the right to rule independantly the land that they lived on for the whole history.
Nationalism was the reason for many wars for independance in many countries.

America is NOT a nation, because it is an immigrant country, and each immigrant has his own race, history and culture (that they often try to keep).
by Urban_Fellow July 16, 2006
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A good American is "an American who knows what is good for him". Or in other words, a USA citizen who knows that he is stupid, his government is smart, and his government knows what is good for him.
A good American pays all the taxes.
A good American doesn't care that secret millitary experiments are being held a mile from his house.
A good American supports the war (no matter where it is being held).
A good American buys American cars.
Danny: Hey Johnny, you wanna join our demonstration against the war in Iraq?
Johnny: No, I am a good American.
by Urban_Fellow June 21, 2006
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Mahmoud ahmadinejad is currently the president of Iran.
He's a crazy nazi maniak who ignores the Holocaust (claiming it's just a reason for Israel to get money from Europe) threatens to destroy the state of Israel, and unlike many other anti-Israeli leaders (mostly terrorists), he has enough millitary power to attempt to do so.
By claiming he is not an anti-semite, only hates the Jewish country, and not Jews themselves, and wants to help the Palestinian nation, he pictures himself as a rightous leader, when he actually just wants Israel out of the way so the Middle-East can be in complete control of the Muslims.

Hopefully, will be attacked by the American forces stationed in Iraq if he attempts to do anything stupid.
Ahmadinejad and his government are enemies of Israel.
However, it will be very difficult for Israel to fight him if he starts a war, since Israel doesn't have a border with Iran.
by Urban_Fellow October 20, 2006
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A nickname for the lifestyle of Rock stars. The three things are stereotypically connected, and none can be separated from the others.

Basically, the idea is that the lives of rock stars are in their bigger part those three things: having sex (with fans), using drugs(often illegal ones), and performing (this is what the rock and roll stands for).
Examples to Rock stars that lived the "sex, drugs, and rock n roll" way:
1) Elvis Presley. Died of drug abuse.
2) Guns and Roses. The guitarist Slash nearly died of drug abuse.
3) Queen. Vocal Freddy Mercury died of AIDS after being infected by having unprotected sex.
by Urban_Fellow February 11, 2007
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1. A large port-city in Ukraine, located on the Black sea. Has borders with Romania, Moldova, and a sea-boder with Turkey.
2. The cultural capital of Eastern Europe.
3. The crime capital of Eastern Europe.
4. Probably the only city in the world where thievery and deception are not only seen as normal jobs, but actually seen as kinds of art.
5. A city where presumably 40% of the population are Jews, though they would not admit it.
6. Half of the Russian humor books' stories takes place in this city.
7. Some of the greatest theives and robbers of all times grew-up in this city.
8. A city, whose criminals could probably buy the police of the city if they wanted to, but they shouldn't since the police respects them.
9. A city that before the Revolution was tax-free, and was a center of attention for tourists, merchants, and cultural experts from all around Europe, but under the Soviet government lots it's beauty and livliness. Hopefully will rise again in the future and regain its' greatness.
10. If you visit the city, and by the time you return nothing was stolen from you, or you still have more than half the money you came with, nobody will believe you you was in Odessa.
Ah, Odessa... The pearl of the seas.
by Urban_Fellow October 10, 2006
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An attempt of Wrigley's mark, Orbit, to seem leet by making a new gum "for adults" in a package for pills, and giving it a cool name.
-Dude, what are those pills you're taking?
-Pills? No, those aren't pills! It's Orbit's new mark, Orbit Professional!
by Urban_Fellow July 02, 2006
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What every person in the world sometimes wishes to become.
I wish I could be invisible a least for a while. That way, I could enter everywhere without paying and listening to people's chats without being noticed.
by Urban_Fellow July 10, 2006
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