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A sweet caring guy who will look after you and protect you always
by UrbanDictionary February 24, 2005
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A Sad Rapper make some Dope Songs On SoundCloud and YouTube
He's Instagram account @lil_sad666
Friend 1 : what is your your favorite Song from Lil Sad666
Friend 2 : Smoke
by UrbanDictionary May 16, 2019
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The word “Lxck” was created by a popular youtube star that goes by Lxck, The definition of it is that he is a lucky person is super lucky to be were he’s at. So he came up with Luck when he was 15 years old he became very depressed and found a passion for XXXTENTACION the rapper & his music helped Luck express his feelings and escape the depression so then he went on and Put a x onto Luck to make Lxck to show his appreciation to his favorite artist.
Lxck is a goat,

That boy Lxck is my favorite youtuber
by UrbanDictionary May 19, 2020
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When the male reproductive organ enters the (Or a) female's vagina.
Guy: That was an awesome night last night with her.
Guy #2: Why?
Guy: Me and her had sex.
Guy #2: Awesome, so did I.
by UrbanDictionary June 15, 2015
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1. A Hawaiin girl who is madly in love with a man named "Superman"

2. A pseudonym of someone who is madly in love with "Superman."
1. That Grizabella cannot keep her hands off of Superman.
by UrbanDictionary November 12, 2004
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Hansom. Derived from the American Indian phrase "Som Han" translated "He who stores his head in chiefs ass". This roughly means a 'kiss up' or 'brown noser'. Typically a hansom will go to any legnths to impress a superior. Sexual favors (most commonly male to male) are common.
You sir are an boss' hansom!
by UrbanDictionary March 22, 2005
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An epic, nice, funny, handsome boy who is epic
girl: " im so excited i met a harvey last night"
by UrbanDictionary November 24, 2012
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