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M'dad is the southern Florida way of saying "My" and "Dad". This is the politest way to call your father figure, it shows love and affection. It is commonly used by young boys to older father figures, not necessarily fathers, to express how proud they are of them.
by Type_Writer June 22, 2017
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King Asshat is the term to describe a specific type of rude person. This person can also be referred to as a phinky-dick or a cockroach. It is slang for being a major asshat.
Ethan, Is your ass a hat? I didn't think so, so get your head out of it you King Asshat.
by Type_Writer June 22, 2017
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Bone theif(n) is when you wake up and notice your bones hurt. The "Bone Theif" stole your "bones." Meaning, you have "no bones."
Baz: The bone theif stole my bones.
Momo: I am the Bone-Theif.
Baz: My B-bones
by Type_Writer September 4, 2018
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A man with a small penis, who is angry when people make fun of this small penis.

Also known as Michelle, Phinks, Micheal}, and Tree.
As stop being such a Phinky-Dick
by Type_Writer June 5, 2017
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A type of hair style that was popularized in America in the 1990s. It involves a rat like clump of hair being put on top of a guy that wears too much gel. It should never have happened.
The Mullet is a mistake of a hair style
by Type_Writer June 22, 2017
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It is a way to describe a boy who wears a Mullet when it is way out of style. This is mainly used in southern Florida and is quiet common among 9 to 17 year old boys.
Roman look, its another boy or should I say Mullet Ra?
by Type_Writer June 22, 2017
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