11 definitions by Tykoi

Something a fucking retarded 14 year old white girls best friend puts on her story after giving her friend the password to her account.
Hacked❤️ add me at the double-triple og snap @pollypaintsapenis267
by Tykoi October 20, 2021
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Horrible, Horrible, man who tried making a straight guy gay.
James Charles: Let's Fuck.
Straight Guy: No I'm straight.
James: *kisses guy without permission*
James Charles Subscriber Count: *Goes down instantly*
by Tykoi July 12, 2019
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The way a dumbass spells “Camaro
Retard: Damnn I love that Chevy *Camero*
Car guy: it’s camaro you fucking dumbass
by Tykoi July 22, 2020
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The act of being husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, and best friends all at the same time.
Me: when we get married, we should be best friends, husband and wife, and boyfriend and girlfriend at the same time, AKA relationship-ception

Kenzie: Yee Haw to That
by Tykoi July 17, 2021
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