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A dangerously attractive man. Someone you could only dream of being around. If one should find themselves worthy of his attention, consider it an honor. Donavan has a mind like no other. He can be best described as a mad genius, and sexual dynamo. He can also be considered analytical, observant, helpful, reliable, and precise. However, once Donavan finds you useless, consider yourself dead to him. He has little patience for absentminded, foolish people. Donavan is intellectually stimulating and wildly seductive. Good luck even getting close enough to know him.
Donavan is way too hot!
Donavan is the brains of this operation.
I'm so in love with Donavan.
I hope Donavan marries me someday.
by Nonnyabiz October 10, 2013
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Once Lisa got the vax she turned into such a vaxinista
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Donavan often confused with Donovan is the name of most often a guy. Donavan's are a very limited group but are very special. Most are the kindest people you will ever meet with an alarming sense of caring. They can sense something wrong in the air in seconds, whether it's someone who's feeling down or a weird smell. If you return the favorable kindness than Donavan's will often open themselves to you allowing for a deep friendship. Once friends with a Donavan you shouldn't try and rid of them, they will do anything for you in a heartbeat. Often rare Donavan's will be extremely depressed often out of nowhere they will try and push you away, as to avoid you worrying about them.

If you find yourself a Donavan it would be in your best interest to keep him by your side.
Donavan is the nicest person I've ever met.
by nucleic June 04, 2019
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An articulate and intellectual ridiculously attractive guy who hides behind eye glasses to play down the attention that he would get from females. He comes across as a spiritual person at times. He wants to be loved for his mind and heart. Often misunderstood for being immature and childish at times because he's a thinker with an attitude. He gets into debates that are mentally stimulating for him but when he's finished with the convo he ends it and there will be no further discussion. A tad bit vindictive when he doesn't get his way because he's use to getting his way most of the time. He's got mad swagger and style people keep up with him behind the scenes. Very polite but don't let the smooth taste fool you..he think he's the captain of the debate team and will not back down from a argument if he thinks he is right and you done him wrong. Despite his flaws, imperfections, and his good looks...He's still loved by many.
Donavan took his glasses off the other day and I can't stop thinking about him.
by Silkdreamzzz June 25, 2018
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Gaelic: (name meaning) Warrior who hides in the shadows.
Guy 1: I totally just saw a ninja!

Guy 2: What, you mean Donavan?

Guy 1: No, it was a ninja!

Guy 2: Well, Donavan is from Ireland....I suppose it is possible to have an Irish ninja....
by \MusicXReligion/ November 16, 2009
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He is man of many questionable qualities about him. He is one to be very caring towards you and always says no when you say hes better looking or that you love him more. He will always be there for you and he will always miss you. He has a unique style with his piercings in which he likes to have noticeable. He sometimes has breakdowns but he always recovers after if you talk to him. He is one to vent and he is a good guy to vent to. He is not a guy you can hate. He also is one to hate eboys and egirls and vsco(thank god). He is attractive with his unique style and many people say he is a fake when he posts a picture of himself. You can say to him "I love you"and he will say "I love you more" almost immediately. Some people may get addicted to him after awhile. Some may not want the truth when you're with him. If you ever find a Donavan, keep him close and don't let some other bitches snatch him away.
Random Person~.~"Who the fuck is that man?"
Me~.~"That's Donavan, man is great to talk and have around."
by 40ozfist October 06, 2019
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