5 definitions by Ty54

"I got a load of pallets to burn and picked up some of the Frabble to use for kindling"

"I was driving and the plow Frabble sucked me into the shoulder"
by Ty54 January 20, 2014
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"where are you from?" "well golly, i dun be from dat dang wincest"
by Ty54 March 15, 2008
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Short for "Thank you for your service" Usually said to hobbyist volunteer firemen that hit it hard from the yard.
Generally a sarcastic response, synonymous with "go fuck yourself"
volly: "i'm a volunteer firefighter but i do the same job as you"
paid guy: "tyfys"
by Ty54 August 21, 2016
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Any phrase uttered by someone who isn’t a democrat
Republican: (anything)
Democrat: get out of here with that hate speech you bigot
by Ty54 January 09, 2021
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