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A bullet with deep user-made cuts in the tip. The cuts help the dumdum bullet fragment into chunks on impact, causing severe injuries and bleeding on a scale normal bullets would be incapable of. By definition, dumdums are less accurate than regular ammo.

Dumdum bullets are illegal for use in warfare and may be illegal for civilian ownership in the United States.

Also see dum dum.
The cops say Jimmy got shot in the gut with a dum dum bullet... it took him like five minutes to die, man - he was bleeding that bad.
by Tronno November 24, 2004

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The nasty, continuous spray of blood that results from wounds to major arteries.
Go watch some samurai movies to see some serious arterial spray.
by Tronno November 15, 2004

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Usually means a 9mm Beretta or Uzi, but can be used to refer to any handgun chambered in 9x19mm. Also see nine.
Man, I'm-a gonna cap you with my rusty nine.
by Tronno October 06, 2004

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1. Collection of items required for some purpose, or acquired from an exchange.

2. "The right stuff" - sexual prowess/endowment.

3. See goods.
1. Hey Jimmy, you got the goods? Alright, let's get the hell outta here.

2. Dayum, that girl at the far table's sure got some nice goods.
by Tronno December 20, 2004

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Plymouth Barracuda, an awesome pony car made from 1964 to 1974.
Steven drives a bitchin 'Cuda.
by Tronno July 01, 2005

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Highly reflective debris launched from the back of aircraft to confuse radar guided missiles. Chaff is usually launched together with pairs of flares, which throw off infra-red guided missiles.
The F-15 pilot performed evasive turns and started dumping chaff & flares as soon as he heard the missile warning beep.
by Tronno November 09, 2004

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An egg based dish - the poor man's lunch.
Take three eggs, toss them in a mixer, throw in half an onion, salt and pepper, then fry in a pan until it looks edible.

Voila, you have an omelette.
by Tronno December 04, 2004

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