6 definitions by Trash79

To say what you just said, but a little differently.
"Fuck off, Taehyung!" Jimin said. Jimin takes one look at Jin and regrets what he said. "Let me rephrase that, please let me be by myself,"
by Trash79 November 05, 2017
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An app we should all be thankful for
I used Shazam to find out that BTS song I heard before.
by Trash79 March 03, 2018
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The best time to do everything you had planned for today, in which you said you would do it tomorrow.

-Reaction Time
by Trash79 December 17, 2017
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A move that can be pulled off by only one man. That man is Johnny Seo.

A Cup of Coffee Part. 2 (feat. JOHNNY’s Fashion Evaluation & Thai school uniforms) 21:41
"Hehe he just gave us The Wink, oh my god!"
-Mark Lee, 2018
by Trash79 October 03, 2019
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