in sartre's Being and Nothingness, a phrase translated from the french "mauvais foi" meaning a neurosis that creates an inability to see the truth.
her father opened the bedroom door to ask his daughter if she was coming downstairs for dinner, completely ignoring the fact that his daughter was having sex on her bed with her boyfriend. he lived in denial or bad faith.
by everywhereallatonce January 21, 2007
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Not my faith
Why would you be bothered by people making fun of you for not wanting to argue with bad faith actors? The whole premise is that there's literally nobody no there that's saying things in good faith - there's no discourse to be had and as such, trying to argue anything is pointless. What jokes can you even make about that?
by Syclozender October 1, 2021
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When someone offers a bj at a future time but renegs on said bj multiple times at the receivers request prompting a "no holes barred" event in which the receiver can have free reign over said holes for 24 hours.
She giveth and she taketh away. Sounds like a bad faith bj, bro.
by Koobkram September 18, 2023
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