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Nokia's failed attempt to join the ranks of Nintendo in the hand held gaming industry. Better known as the digital taco, it is the worst concept concived, holding the record for the earliest price drop in the gaming industry, for having their first price drop after just one week after it's release. Now at the price of $200, it includes 3 free games and one month of pre-paid service for the cellular phone feature, which by the way you have to hold width side to your ear to talk in. Another "put down" feature is that in order to change games, you must remove the battery. So. . .WTF?

No dad, that's my taco.
by Tonku January 27, 2004
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Used to be a classic favorite by all, it canceled all of it's good shows such as Welcome Freshmen, Salute Your Shorts, Rocko, Ren & Stimpy, and Nick Arcade. They started to aim towrds the sterotypical children that were spawning from somewhere. They began covering the new "pop" (aka. crap, homo-gays, %*&*) groups that were spawning from the same place as the sterotypical children. They struck back with Invader Zim, but was canceled because the type of humor flew right over the little kids heads. It now hold the personal record by about every person in America above the age of 13 as the worst television station and ahould be plagued with head cancer.
Nickelodeon REALLY sucks now.

-Me, 1990.
by Tonku January 30, 2004
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1. A movie that is aimed at the stereotype teen-ager, which usually features the popular football player or cheerleader falling in love with their supermodel-wannabe dreamlover. These movies features crappy jokes, keg parties, sex, and everything else that most teen-agers never experience in their high school years. Much like the Barbie, it perpetuates a false image of the typical teen-ager lifestyle and can only be realized during a drug induced dream.

2. A shock-comedy movie, featuring jokes, situations, and gags that is supposed to make you say, "I can't believe that happened/they did that." These movies are overpraised and STILL not funny. Usually features sex, nudity, drinking, drugs and the cocky, popular, arrogant football player/cheerleader getting their way. Again, falsely perpetuating the teen-age life style that so many adults and parents based their view of teen-agers off of.
1.-10 Thinks I Hate About You, She's All That.

2.American Pie 1&2, American Weding.
by Tonku April 28, 2005
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The place where Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Cheat, and the tire hang out. Actually population: Tire
It is rumored that Trogdor comes here to provide the burninating fire for the grill.
Population: Tire
(Hey Tire!)
by Tonku November 14, 2003
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