When you are with your friends doing some sketchy shit (smoking and drinking) and a parent, teacher, cop, etc walks by and you yell price drop meaning hide everything and act natural.
I'm having a cig with my friend and My mom was walking towards us so I yelled price drop so we don't get caught
by Momo PV February 19, 2017
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only the best tv channel in the world!!
program that sells shit for very low prices 24/7
mee: "hey dudes im watching price drop tv"
rach: "did u see that monkey shaped footon they wer selling yesterday for 67p?"
mee; "yeh i bought 47 of them!"
by boggart May 5, 2005
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Channel aimed at idiots with too much time on their hands. Convince people they're being promised bargains. Old people and the mentally impaired watch for the company and the contentment of having someone actually talk to them. Always promising quality brands who no one's ever heard of and describing ugly clothes as "the latest fashion".
Person 1: Oooh price drop tv! Such good bargains!
Price drop announcer: What a bargain! This TV is a quality brand - it's Setashi! That's pratically Sony! It's dropped in price from £50000 all the way to £200! Buy now or you'll me an idiot!
Person 2: What idiot would actually listen to this rubbish?
Person 1: Shut up! It's a perfectly legitimate way of shopping!
by Zythe December 22, 2006
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