An alternative rock band famous for the song TOO MANY PUPPIES
Too many puppies are being shot in the dark.

Too many puppies are trained not to bark.

At the sight of blood that must be spilled

so that we may maintain our oil fields. primus rules all
by biblical scholar July 2, 2010
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Primus is a band formed in the late 80s with bassist and singer Les Claypool, guitarist Larry "Ler LaLonde and Tim "Herb Alexander on drums. Other drummers have been Brian "Brain" Mantia, and recently Jay Lane. Some of their most famous songs are John the Fisherman, Tommy the Cat, My Name is Mud and played the theme song for South Park. They are a very talented group. Claypool is considered one of the greatest bassists in rock history. It's ashame he can't sing for his life.
Primus rulz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jamarcus Fat April 16, 2010
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One of the best, if not the best, bands ever. Led by Les Claypool's quirky lyrics and vocals and most importantly, his unprecedented bass lines which define songs such as my name is mud and those damn blue collar tweekers. Founded in S.F. in 1986 by les claypool, guitarist todd huth and drummer "Tim Curveball" Wright, they arose a storm in the underground and in college radio, releasing their debut Suck on This with their new and most famous lineup of Les, "ler" LaLonde on guitar, and Tim "Herb" Alexander. Several remarkable albums followed, and the band recieved some publicity for the chart-topping Pork Soda and songs like "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" and "Laquer Head," both of which had their videos banned from MTV, the former still being the most requested video on mtv during its year of release. The band shifted slightly, when a new drummer, Brian "Brain" Mantia played on the Brown Album and Antipop. While Brain was not as good a drummer as Herb, (and it showed a bit on the Brown Album) he made up for that because he was and is an all-out gangsta. Herb reunited with the band to record a 5 song EP, Animals Should Not Try to Act like People, packaged with the incredible DVD of the same name. Overall, Primus, in their legend and musical talent, make the Beatles look like a shitty garage band.
They call me Mr. Knowitall.
I sip the aged wine.
Oh I could tell such wondrous tales
if I should find the time.
I must be Mr. Knowitall
For ideas they come in bounds.
I am Mr. Knowitall
So spread the word around.
by Spiel August 14, 2004
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A truly amazing band that formed in 89' around the San Francisco bay area.

the original line-up

Leslie "Les" Claypool: bassist,vocals

Larry "Ler" Lalonde: guitarist

Timothy "Herb" Alexander: drums

Their sound of music is hard to put in any current genre. The only category this band falls in is itself, Primus.

official website
Do you like primus?

Dude! you gotta check out primus's new dvd+cd compilation!
by Compton Ass Terry January 5, 2004
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Yo kid, there like Primus, except Primus is much better.
by Chris Schade December 8, 2003
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Hey Corto, pass the Primus. I'm open.
by Russcheel February 25, 2009
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