8 definitions by Tom Beotch!

an earthquake or tremor caused by the walking jumping or just general motion cause by a fat person
tom: oh my gosh no! here comes jeffery johnson its gonna be a 10.0 girthquake

bystanders: run!!!!!!!!!!
by Tom Beotch! November 30, 2006
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(n) the shitiest band to ever live. they are not the pride and joy of Ilinios but are acctually the scum of Ilinios. we all(us Iliniosians) all agree the suc and should go cut themselves along with all there fans. a.k.a. possers and fags
Emo Kid: I love you fall out boy!!!!!You have the best music ever!
Cool Kid: What are u talking about the dont make music the make shit fall out of amps!
Emo Kid:*depression*
Cool Kid: What a queer(he procedes to kick the living shit out of him)
by Tom Beotch! December 06, 2006
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any 1 that fucks with america, americas enemys, aka muslim terrorist muslim
darious: those fuckin commis killed that kid

tom: im gonna givin to those bithces!


darious tom:(bang bang pop)
by Tom Beotch! November 28, 2006
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a casket for a dead fenline, a cat casket
Joe: So your cat died?
Tom: Yeah, she was great so im gonna get her a really nice mahogany catsket.
Joe: Thats good.
by Tom Beotch! January 10, 2007
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Tom: That girl is so whorish she would do jeffery!
Micheal: Nice metawhore
Tom: thanks
by Tom Beotch! May 09, 2007
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A homosexual hodo, or someone gay for a hobo
Jerry: Ehh! those to hobosexuals are haveing butt sex it that Garbage can!
Tom: What a fucking disgrace
by Tom Beotch! December 27, 2006
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A person that is a mix between a skater and a hip hop fan.
Tom: Look at all those skrapers over there.
Chuck: Lets go chill with them!
Tom: Word up.
by Tom Beotch! May 09, 2007
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