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A group of people whom are the 'opposite' to Christians. They do not, in fact, worship 'Lucifer', 'Satan', of 'the Devil'. The words 'Satan' is meant as another word for 'me' or 'myself'...As is 'Hail Satan'='Hail me'. They belive that in fact, that the human being is a power all in itself and yet is nothing more than another form of animal.
True Satanic people do not participate in animal/human sacrifices, mass sexual orgies, or child raping/molesting. (Unlike those Catholic priests out there...)
If you bastards would actually take the time to look up the Church of Satan's website, you would know this. Also, you would know this if you read the Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor Lavey.
Those whom are Satanic lead a path of harmony, while those whom are Christian want nothing but to control others through their false god.
by Tofu June 24, 2004

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A person whom refuses to eat any animal products (i.e. meat...Or anything that is torn off a non-human animal's body.) but may be willing to eat the flesh of other humans. And babies.
Man: Why won't that Freak over there eat this hotdog made of cow anus?

Woman: Because she's a Cannibalistic vegetarian.

Man: What the hell does that mean?

Woman: Stick your arm out in front of her and you'll find out.
by Tofu June 24, 2004

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1. An STI.
2. The common name given to lice that inhabit the area known as the grundle or taint. Grundle grunts are usually contracted from illicit sexual behavior or walking around the woods naked.

Grundle grunts are also known as "taint tics", "scrotum skippers" or just crabs. When contracted elsewhere, grundle grunts are named after the area contracted. i.e. pubic lice, chin climbers, nipple nabbers, happy trail hikers, or earwig waggers.
Ouch! That grundle grunt is very friendly.
by Tofu January 27, 2004

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a ghettofied reference to marijuana. other known names for this include: purple dank, mary jane, weed, green, etc.
aye homie you got any dohja we can smoke up?
by tofu June 03, 2003

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This word is used to define those who are sexually aroused by desire to slash or mutilate women.
That person is a sick Amokoscisia, and should be eaten by babies.
by Tofu June 26, 2004

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a term that means 'raptor-like', as in Velociraptor or Utahraptor.
The dragon's raptorine eyes narrowed as he spied the hunters.
by Tofu June 24, 2004

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1. The hair that lines the fleshy area between the male scrotum (balls) and the anal cavity (butt hole).

The definition of "grundle" may also be confused the fleshy area that possesses the hair known as the grundle. This area is known as the "taint". See "taint"

*note: pubic lice that are known to inhabit the grundle are known as grundle grunts or scrotum skippers.
Man, my grundle is infested with grundle grunts.
by Tofu January 27, 2004

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