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A fish that if you swim near it will stab you with its spines.They can also ROAR you to death. Don't keep them in tanks as they are escape artists as well
Bring a sword with you so you an hit the spines away and save yourself. They are also called turkey fish. They made that their name to act dumb so don"t think their stupid, their very smart.
You will probably die if you do
Guy 1: Brah i bought a pet lionfish. He's so cool
Guy 2: get rid of it, it will escape and roar at you in your sleep then kill you.
by Toby.H May 4, 2017
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A Siamese Fighting Fish that is owned by the author of this. He is purple, red and blue and is a very impressive fish.
Guy 1: Ladbrokes is so sick
Guy 2: I wish I could go see him
by Toby.H May 10, 2017
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A foxfish is like the nightmare that your pet chickens and your neighborhood rabbits hope they never see. The foxfish comes out at night and goes into you chicken enclosure or rabbit burrows and then kills all of them one by one. They grow up to 50 feet and even sometimes attack small children.
How To Avoid It
Siamese Fighter Fish are the only know fish that can kill them due to their sick as karate skills. So always have one of them nearby
Chicken: Help there's a massive foxfish killing me mates
Rabbit: Errrr whats up Doc?
by Toby.H May 5, 2017
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A fish with a mullet and tn's that will staunch you to death
Guy 1: How does that mullet fish have a new girl already?
Guy 2: His mullet and tn's get all the fish in the sea
by Toby.H May 4, 2017
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Aussie slang for when your getting yelled at by some teacher or your footy coach
Guy 1: Look at John he's copping a spray from mr canetoad
Guy 2: I hope he brought his earplugs
by Toby.H May 18, 2017
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A scummy fish and chips shop around Collingwood who buy supermarket brand chips and sell carp as their fish. they have a fish tank full of depressed goldfish. They will rip you off and their potato cakes cost $3 dollars for one of them. Their fish is also sometimes mutated and can make you very sick.
Don't go to Collingwood and get fish and chips. These places will always have a a cartoon fish in front of there shop and also have a neon sign in front of their shop.
Guy 1: Brah I'm starving lets get some Fish'N'Chips.
Guy 2: Nah their disgusting and expensive wait till we get to pizza hut.
by Toby.H May 8, 2017
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A type of fish that originates from rice paddies in south eastern Asia. They are very territorial and are often treated cruelly by being forced to live in tiny containers at pet shops all over the world. They are a very popular pet due to the low maintenance of taking care of them. They are also known as Betta fish because of there ability to breathe air through a organ called the labyrinth. Help these great fish by going onto ForceChange's website and looking up Siamese Fighting Fish. If you read that article and sign the petition you will make a difference in this small animals life.
Guy 1: Did you see the containers pet shops put Siamese Fighting Fish into
Guy 2: Yeah I know its so cruel
by Toby.H May 6, 2017
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