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When you have to confront someone in a situation and your not looking forward to it so you have to be a bit ballsy...... so inturn you put your cunt front on.
Im ready for this I've got my cuntfront on or I'm not looking forward to this meeting I'm gonna put my cuntfront on.
by Titch October 20, 2017
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it is derived from wrecking ones head due to drugs alcohol or assorted substances.
Titch- Alec you are a REC-eD
by Titch January 18, 2005
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A publically better way to say cunt
Oi u EL CONTEEEEEEE OR he's an El Conté
by Titch October 21, 2017
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ME! by the way im 6ft 4.
hi my name is titch, i am titch, yep titch not citch, or fitch, but titch, suprisingly not manders.......... yep titch
by Titch January 19, 2005
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Torange is a state of collective mind of a group of REC-eD's siting rownd a camp fire stoned, pissed, stinking of shit thinking of a word that rhymes with orange, and after all of 2.798534 seconds cuming up with Torange.
REC-eD A: We are fully toranged.
REC-eD B: wots that smell?
REC-eD 4: errrr u...... and me... and that guy that just jumped over his camp fire nude and singed his pubes!
REC-eD A: stupid REC-eD!
REC-eD 4.5: is that joint going any where?
Conan: *high Pitch* YEEA
by Titch January 18, 2005
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