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look hard in front of your friends when in fact you are an insecure vulnerable wreck. just call everyone a cunt, whether you like them or not, to prove to the world that you don't care what people think (despite the fact that you actually measure your life around what other people think).
"that guy's so cool. i wish i could be him."
"but you just called him a cunt"
"yeah. that's just my cunt front. get over it you cunt."
by jhsb February 07, 2008
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the female version of "cockblock;" to block the spitting of game from either party involved.
that ain't cool, she straight cuntfronted me from that guy at the club!
by carleazy March 11, 2004
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When you have to confront someone in a situation and your not looking forward to it so you have to be a bit ballsy...... so inturn you put your cunt front on.
Im ready for this I've got my cuntfront on or I'm not looking forward to this meeting I'm gonna put my cuntfront on.
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by Titch October 20, 2017
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