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Very famous journal (formerly on livejournal and blurty, now on journalfen) which mocks the idiocy, silliness, and drama of some people in various fandoms. Can be seen as amusing or irritating, depending if you were on the receiving end of the wank. Also known as f_w.
The Harry Potter and LOTR fandoms are often featured on fandom_wank.
by Tiara December 30, 2004
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words speaking ghettoly by mostly blacks(dont hate)
Damen: my nigga be willin ova nuttin son he be smoking to much dust.
shanana: na na dont be hatten on my homeboi cuz he crunk
damen:be quie u kno all he be doing iz poping dem gats and smoking dat stuff
shanana:aight aight you stright dat es all he be doing
by Tiara August 21, 2004
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