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The most popular fandom on LJ, invloving slash of any PANIC! At The Disco members. The most popular being Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie (RyDen).
Have you seen the new RyDen story on slashatthedisco yet???
by Thr0u6hTh31c3 October 22, 2006

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Shojo Ai is basically the japanese equivalent of shonen ai (boyxboy). So it's girlxgirl. It differs from yuri in that it's less hardcore. Like shonen ai is less hardcore than yaoi.
Have you seen that new shojo ai manga?
by Thr0u6hTh31c3 October 23, 2006

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Referring to something that is fill with PANIC! At The Disco.
Her MySpace is totally panic-tized. She has Panic! At The Disco pictures, background, and song.

She was so panic-tized. A Panic! At The Disco shirt, sweater, pins, and backpack.
by Thr0u6hTh31c3 October 22, 2006

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A person who enjoys cutting himself/herself for various reasons.

Also, a person who likes pain.

Deprieved from HIM's song "Razorblade Kisses."
Selena is such a razorblade kisser. She cuts herself everyday.
by Thr0u6hTh31c3 October 22, 2006

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A high school in Alhambra, California, near Los Angeles, where everyone looks like everyone else. Only a few unique punks, goths, and emos stand out. Rivalry schools with Mark Keppel High School. Has one of the best varsity football teams, award winning drill team, and some pretty hot guys.
Did you go to Alhambra High School's homecoming? They won against San Gabriel. And their drill team rocks ass!
by Thr0u6hTh31c3 October 28, 2006

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An acronym formed from the first two letters of the names of Fruits Basket characters Hiro and Kisa. Refers to a couple in which the girl is older than the boy (esp. if the boy looks older)
Are you pulling a HiKi on us, getting with your little brother's best friend?
by Thr0u6hTh31c3 October 22, 2006

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