A mommy's boy is a boy or a man who has a very close relationship with his mother. As an adult, a mommy’s boy may talk to his mother on a daily basis and spend more time with her than some consider normal.
It's too bad, when you decided to marry your "mommy's boy" that you didn't realize how things would inevitably turn out.
by must.aculo.us May 11, 2008
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1. a saying from the video game: "worms world party" it was said by your enemy when you dug yourself under ground or trapped an enemies worm. They would say "ya mommies boy!" calling you a coward for doing so
ya mommies boy!.............. ............... ..........
by wiz4rd December 6, 2006
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When you are a boy, But also a dommy mommy, but not a daddy. In a feminine way, Boy as in femboy type, and mommy as in dom.
Hey did you see that emo femboy that past by
Yeah he gotta be a boy mommy
by ExplicitSchizo January 1, 2023
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