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mu•si•cal drugs

myo͞ozək(ə)l drəɡs/

Def.: a game where when the music stops you do drugs
Vick: the truth is I have an emptiness in my life that I was trying to fill with music and drugs, and musical drugs.
by TheTallestPsychonaut March 5, 2021
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/ˈpiNGkē in T͟Hə bo͝oSH/

a dick and nuts in a pubic puff
Take a long look at that pinky in the bush. It's the last time you'll see it.
by TheTallestPsychonaut November 1, 2021
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e•go su•i•cide

/ˈēɡō ˈsü-ə-ˌsīd/

1.) When a person's ego causes them to take a large dose of Psychedelics in order to intentionally induce a complete loss of subjective self-identity (also known as 'ego death')

2.) One's ego intentionally inducing ego death
I ate 10.5 grams of Shrooms the other night. It was complete ego suicide.
by TheTallestPsychonaut January 17, 2021
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/ˈpʊlaʊt AHtIst/

A man who has used the pullout method for ten or more years without having any kids
Brad: I'm jealous of Greg. 36 years old and still no kids.
Steve: Yeah, dude's a total Pullout artist
by TheTallestPsychonaut December 22, 2022
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ston•er hi•ber•na•tion

/ˈstoʊ.nɚ haɪ.bɚˈneɪ.ʃən/

the dormant state a stoner goes into after consuming too much THC
John: did you see the game yesterday?

Max: nah I ate too many edibles in the morning and ended up in stoner hibernation all day
by TheTallestPsychonaut July 20, 2023
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def.: a cocanaut is someone who explores altered states of consciousness through the use of cocaine
I've done six 8 balls this week. I'm a straight-up cocanaut.
by TheTallestPsychonaut July 16, 2021
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ham•ster gym•nas•tics

/ˈhamstər jimˈnastiks/

1. Going to great lengths to justify, rationalize, or otherwise explain away a wrongdoing or shitty action/behavior

2. A combination of both 'hamstering' and 'mental gymnastics'
My girlfriend cheated on me. She said she had a dream I cheated on her, so her cheating was justified. Except her dream happened the morning after she cheated on me. I'm surprised she didn't strain herself doing those hamster gymnastics.
by TheTallestPsychonaut January 3, 2021
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