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Someone who uses memes too much, and kills them off fast. They are at the bottom of the Meme Triangle, with Dank Meme Lords at the top. They are responsible for most of the meme deaths, like Pepe, Ugandan Knuckles, and many countless others. Almost everyone is a normie, when it comes to memes, as they use Tik Tok, IFunny, and other meme-killing apps. They also report dank memes since they are too offensive for them, and they often laugh at memes that are over 3 months old.
Normie: Do u kno de wae?
Dank Meme Lord: Fucking normie, your the reason why that memes dead.
Normie: No u.
Dank Meme Lord: You are the reason why almost all memes are dead, you are why there are no good memes left.
by TheStrangerWhoKnows November 18, 2018
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The absence of something. Its actually something, since the absence of something must be something. Nothing is something, or we wouldn't be able to define it. It is truly just a word we made up to help us understand our world, since we say theres nothing in space, yet theres something there, but almost nothing. You can never do nothing, even in death.
Bill: Liam, what are you doing?
*Liam is sitting on the couch staring into space*
Liam: Nothing.
Bill: No, your breathing, your thinking, your aging, etc.

by TheStrangerWhoKnows November 18, 2018
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The most stupid response ever, almost all normies use it. Its because they don't have the mental capacity for coming up with a great comeback. It is a stupid response, though some memers, and few dank memers use it, but only when dealing with normies.
Mike: Ur mum gae.
Bill: No u.
Liam: Guys! The normies are fighting!
Mike: Yeah, and ur mum gae Liam!
Liam: Fuck off Mike, I don't deal with normies, I'm a memer.
by TheStrangerWhoKnows November 19, 2018
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2 weeks. It is 14 days, which is 2 weeks, which is 1 fortnight. Its not the game, FortNite, which is spelled differently, its just 2 weeks.
Mike: I just played FortNite for a fortnight!
Liam: Wait, what?
Mike: I played FortNite for 2 weeks, which is a fortnight, its kind of confusing now that FortNites popular.
Liam: So you played FortNite 14 days straight?
Mike: Yep, for a fortnight.
by TheStrangerWhoKnows November 18, 2018
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A game that is played mostly by 5-12 year olds, and the youtubers who want to look cool, when in fact, they are making themselves look worse. The game is supposed to be fun, but when you get killed instantly every time, kids who play it get mad, and sometimes break their tv.
Fortnite is a game played by elementary schoolers.
by TheStrangerWhoKnows November 20, 2018
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Something you open, by pushing or pulling, depending on what the door says to do. There is also these doors that have a ittle knob on them. You twist the knob, then push, or pull, whichever way is easiest. Then there's magical doors that sense when you are near, and open for you. Some doors have a metal bar across it that you push, some have handles to pull it open, and some have nothing, so it's a door you open from the other side. Most are locked at night, and require a key, which every doors key is different. If you cannot open a door, you are very fucking retarded.
Mike: Oh look a door. Wait, how do I open it again!?!?
Bill: Push it.
Mike: Didn't work.
Bill: Pull on it?
Mike: Nope, but I see a knob.
Bill: Twist it, then push. The knob I mean.
Mike: It worked!
Bill: Good thing it wasn't locked!
Mike: What does a locked door do.
Bill: You are so very fucking retarded if you cannot open a simple fucking door.
by TheStrangerWhoKnows November 18, 2018
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A chip that is either crunchy or puffy. It can also be a human, who has orangish skin and/or looks like a cheeto in general.
Guy 1 (Idiot): Hey, do you know the president, Trump?
Guy 2 (Smart): Who, the cheeto? Yeah, I know him.
Guy 1 (Idiot): Be respectful, hes the president!
Guy 2 (Smart): Who the f*** cares?
Guy 3 (Memer): Oh, the cheeto, the one who replaced the oreo! Hes a meme!

(Sorry for all the stupid people out there that cannot handle a aTrump joke)
by TheStrangerWhoKnows November 08, 2018
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