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Slang term for the father of an illegitimate child. There's usually two kinds of "baby daddies", those that accept responsibility for their actions and those that abandon their fatherly duties in favor of living life as if the child never existed. Some "baby daddies" are usually tricked into such a situation as part of the old-fashioned plan women will put into play if they suspect the loss of their (in)significant other, usually out of attachment and/or net worth of the "baby daddy". Otherwise the whole thing is just an accident and both mother and father are at fault because they were careless. Either way or another, a "baby daddy" can run, but he'll NEVER be able to hide from his actions.
Me: So, how's the baby daddy doing?
Her: Don't call him that! It sounds so... ghetto! Say 'baby father'.
Me: Oh come on, it's not all that bad as it sounds! baby daddy!
Her: Shut up!
by TheSpectacularOne January 01, 2010

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To isolate means to contain or withhold within a certain boundary. Nothing goes in, nothing goes out. Whatever is being isolated is protected from most means of harm - Yes, I said "most", because isolation doesn't always have its benefits. Believe me, I know.
We'll isolate this hot liquid in the thermos, it won't spill and it won't lose heat!
by TheSpectacularOne December 01, 2009

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A very interesting town in the borough of Queens, NY. Having lived here for a good 12 years I can safely say that the Asian-American population is large and in control, with Main Street basically overloaded with all kinds of Korean stores. Roosevelt Avenue, which intersects Main Street, is where the famed 7 train starts and later ends in Times Square. It also makes stops to CitiField, new home of the New York Mets. Aside from the large Asian population, there are also a good amount of Hispanics/Latinos, Blacks and White living here, so you're never alone. Flushing is also home to a major bus hub which makes traveling all the more easier and interesting, with bus route going all the way from Ridgewood to Little Neck (Or Long Island). Crime rate is pretty low around here too, so don't be scared to visit once in a while. Sure, P.S 20's park is a common hangout for a lot of teens but they're cool. Also home to New York City's oldest high school as well.
Once you get used to it, Flushing isn't a bad place!
by TheSpectacularOne May 05, 2009

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Queens Boulevard, also known as the "Boulevard of Death" to native Queens residents, is a VERY wide, multi-lane stretch of road that's essentially a super-highway but with street lights and normal intersections. It's split into 4 larger lanes with three lanes each, with island dividers for those bold enough to cross. Unfortunate pedestrians who attempt to cross the entirety of the Boulevard of Death in one fell swoop will most likely be seeing an onslaught of cars and other commercial traffic coming their way by the time they step off the third island divider. The boulevard itself is a main commercial area itself, with many small stores, shopping centers and a mall all within a 5-mile radius.

The Queens Boulevard Line of the MTA New York City Subway also runs under this massive freeway, with four major subway lines running both local and express.
Queens Boulevard. Great shopping locale, but bad for your health if crossing is required!
by TheSpectacularOne January 09, 2011

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A strange condition stemming from extreme sexual stimulation of the male gentals but not allowing orgasm to occur. Like a previous entry mentions, "When Polly won't finish off your cracker". Said to be extremly uncomfortable, as if taking a shot to the testicles and having the pain radiate up to your navel. The best and most common remedy is to beat it off, but there are some guys who refuse to do so and prefer the cold shower which also helps to counter the pain. And yes ladies, please don't let this happen to your men, because it sucks.
That one night stand left Matt with a bad case of blue balls. His wingman, on the flip side, had it made.
by TheSpectacularOne May 01, 2009

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An interesting book genre mostly aimed at the older teen/young adult crowd. The stories told in these books usually reflect life in the city, with a character experiencing a recent hardship and getting over it. Most urban fiction novels tend to have a lot of erotica in them, as sex is a very common happening in them. Poking around in this section at the library can net you some really good finds. If you don't live in a big city, then these stories will pretty much give you a small (if exaggerated) taste of what living in a large city is.
A good urban fiction novel I've read told of a group of friends, most of them coming from dark backgrounds who manage to stick together throughout their childhood and into their adult years. It may sound silly here, but if you read the story you'll understand the whole thing.
by TheSpectacularOne June 02, 2009

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A large retail chain started in 1962 by Sam Walton. His number one goal was to bargain with suppliers in order to buy goods at lower prices and sell them at lower prices to our fellow Americans. This proved to be very effective as the small store in Bentonville, Arkansas blew up into several stores and eventually a retail chain by the 1970's. Walmart was once a friendly environment, with good old Mr. Walton paying surprise visits to his many different stores around the country and working with every single one of his associates. He treated them like family, gave them the recognition they deserved, made everyone feel positive. In today's times Walmart is now the largest company in the world- except its prices aren't as low as many would make them out to be (Things are probably only a few cents lower than usual, maybe slightly MORE!) with Target as its main competitor.

The retail chain's goal is to bring products and services to customers at low prices. Problem is, production values have sharply gone down the drain since Sam Walton's passing (whoever's calling the shots thought it was fine to start making dirt-cheap crap in China, now no one wants to even buy clothes at Walmart anymore!), and that man made sure his stores sold the best products. Ever try Grapette or Orangette? Those two "Sam's Choice" branded sodas actually have a very long history behind them. Look it up.
Walmart. There's a fine caramel coating around the exterior... you'll find the real meat inside, deep within...
by TheSpectacularOne October 10, 2010

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