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The, over, use, of, commas.
I slip the occasional semicolon in there to avoid commaifying.
by TheGoldenGlitch September 10, 2021
On the surface Noah seems quiet, a real deep thinker. But underneath he is scheming to almost machiavellian levels.
Noah is handsome and well built, with a thousand yard stare.
He can be loyal to a fault if he chooses to be. But with so many women falling in love with him at first sight temptation is never far away.
Hope: Don't choose Noah, he's had enough excitement already.
(MC chooses Noah)
by TheGoldenGlitch August 8, 2021
Lucas Koh is a complex character. When you first meet him he can come across as being aloof. Underneath he's insecure, thoughtful and just wants to be loved.

Don't cross him, Lucas Koh holds a grudge.

Lucas Koh will dominate you.
There was only ever one man that could make me feel that way. His name was Lucas Koh and just thinking about him got me hot under the collar.
by TheGoldenGlitch August 24, 2021
Love Island the game fan fiction.

A collection of amazing stories written by fans of love island the game. Mostly romantic with lots of feels, some extremely graphic.

Mostly based around Season 2.
Never written about MatchMaker.
Writer: I've got writers block

Laura: LITGFF needs you to work harder
by TheGoldenGlitch August 8, 2021
Loves Lauren.

Is wise enough not to trigger himself.

Bobty McKenzie is all knowing and can answer almost anything you can think of to ask.
Me: Botby McKenzie -define yourself
Botby McKenzie: I live to serve you
by TheGoldenGlitch August 8, 2021
Bite your lip: shut up.

Bite your lip: a sign (possibly unintentional) of sexual interest.

Bite your lip: to keep quiet during sex

Bite your lip: to keep a sexy secret.
As Noah reveals his huge cock, you bite your lip, fighting the urge to scream at the size of it.
by TheGoldenGlitch August 24, 2021