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1. A completely unfunny blogger who writes generic comments over celebrity photos. 2. An overweight, ugly male who points out minor flaws in beautiful women.
Have you heard of this Perez Hilton? He truly has no talent. I guess anyone can run a blog these days.
by the2ndflood November 13, 2007
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1. A failure as a president and person. 2. A man more worried about his legacy, then his country. 3. A Religious Fanatic who believes God speaks with him personally. 4. A man who feels it is okay to hate people born different, because somewhere in the Bible it claims this (Which it doesn't.) 4. A former coke-head that become a Born-Again in the hope that his past would be forgotten. 5. An American president that lied to his own nation in order to create 2 separate wars in 2 different oil-rich nations. Wars that have cost almost 1 Trillion American dollars as of late 2007. 6. A raciest man who seemed to ignore poor-people-of-color after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans. 7. A rich Oil-Tycoon who has spent his presidency campaigning against American's having Universal Health care, against stem cell research and preventing homosexuals from getting married. 7. A president that turned the unity of the world that developed towards America after the attacks of September 11, 2001, into hatred after he chose to invade Iraq, based on bogues, cooked up intelligence. 8. A Warmonger.
George W. Bush has damaged America for many years to come.
by the2ndflood November 01, 2007
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Tiffany Pollard aka New York is a reality show whore who's claim to fame came in the way of the fake VH1 reality show called "Flavor of Love". She is best known for getting spit on by Pumkin aka Brooke Thompson in season one of the FOL. Tiffany Pollard has been able to extend her 15 minutes of fame; not through talent, but rather by treating others like S**T. Her mother Michelle Rothschild-Patterson aka Sister Patterson is also rude and ugly. Sister Patterson "Claims" to be a Christian; even though she is judgmental and spiteful. Traits the Bible frowns upon. Her so-called Christian status was called into question on one of the seasons of her daughters also fake reality show "I Love New York". Where one of the males noticed Sister Patterson was over hyping her reactions to her religious experiences at a church they were all brought to. Throughout FOL and ILN, both Tiffany and Michelle have continued to show a level of ignorance and just plain rudeness to all they encounter. Tiffany called Frank Maresca aka The Entertainer on I Love New York season 2 a "Loser" because he still lived at home with his parents. Even though she has openly admitted to being a tool of her own mother. Also her status before FOL is unknown; so her calling someone else a loser for still living at home with his parents: may in fact be no more then just a chance to be rude. Seeing as she may have lived at home with her own mother before her little-known fame came about.
The common thread between both Tiffany and Michelle is that they both seem to think they are worth more to the world then they really are. Seeing as neither one of them are a Doctors or Scientist; the world can do without 2 ugly, rude, pieces of street trash. It should also be pointed out that on Flavor of Love season 1, Sister Patterson showed up to the show with an average looking male to escort her. But by the time of FOL season 2 came about; she was seen with a more model-type looking male. Proving her so-called bad-ass attitude was more of a ploy to become famous and as a famous person, her tastes in men had become more geared towards younger and more attractive men. Both Tiffany and her mother Michelle have both shown traits of fronting a FAKE PERSONA in order to become and stay famous. As was seen in a reunion special for Flavor of Love; where the cast wanted to beat Tiffany ass. And when the security finally stepped in to protect Tiffany; she then became bold and started making threats. But she was relatively quite before security had stepped in. A "True" Bad-Ass wouldn't have bitched up so quickly. Leading to the FAKE PERSONA; Tiffany's Ebonics will disappear from time to time. Replaced with a very Proper English way of speaking. This comes from the fact that she was raised in (Utica, New York); As opposed to a poor ghetto. Which is something Tiffany never eludes to. Because she wants people to think she is Hard from being raised in some poor Crime-Ridden city in New York. Which is NOT THE CASE.
It's sad that someone so Worthless, Ugly and Mean as Tiffany Pollard can become famous these days. There is billions of people working 15 hour days just to make a decent living and all Tiffany had to do is act like a rude slut and now she is famous! Did I wake up in a different reality or something? Because I don't remember the world being this petty when I was a child. But maybe I just didn't notice until now.
by the2ndflood August 04, 2008
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(1). A Republican who hosts The O'Reilly Factor on the Fox News Channel; a channel with ties to the Far-Right American Republican party. A So-Called Independent who was thrilled when George W. Bush was reelected to the presidency in 2004, but then told the Democrats not to rub their victory in the faces of the Republican's, when the Democrats won control of the US House and Senate in 2006. (3). A bully who uses his audience as a tool to win debates on his show. (4). A person who was accused of sexual harassment around the same time his first children's book came out . He of course settled the case out of court and swept the incident under the rug. (5). A Rich-White-Male who made a racist comment after visiting a Black-Owned and Run restaurant in Harlem New York; "(Bill) I couldn't get over the fact that there was no difference between Sylvia's restaurant and any other restaurant in New York City. I mean it was exactly the same, even though it's run by blacks. There wasn't one person in Sylvia's who was screaming, '@#$%^&, I want more ice tea!'" (6). A Stereotypical Religious Fanatic who is against gay marriage, Stem cell research, abortion, illegal immigration and equal rights for gay and lesbian's persons. (7). A person that uses his show to spread Republican ideals, hatred, and fears. (8). A tool of the Bush administration. (9). A lier.
Bill O'Reilly is such a lier! He claims to be an Independent, but always defends George W. Bush! If a child called George Bush a Poopy-head, Bill would sound off on it using his show.
by the2ndflood November 01, 2007
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Yahoo Answers is a web site that was created with the idea of helping people find answers to their questions. While most of the time this is the case, Yahoo Answers has been turning more and more into a Right-Wing Propaganda site. Where questions about freedom issues like Gay Marriage and Atheism are met with ignorant, mean comments and Pro-Republican ideas. Yahoo claims the site is "Moderated By The Users" but there has been complaints that questions that met all the guidelines, were deleted, with many suspecting it was because a Yahoo Employee didn't (Personally) like the question. This can be seen by making 2 different accounts and posting different questions that fall into a Conservative or Liberal mindset. Conservative questions and comments are often times left up on the site, even when they include offensive words like "Fag". While Liberal points of view are deleted, without a reason by Yahoo. Many Christian's use Yahoo Answers as a tool to spread their faith and views. Many questions, not even related to God, are met with answers that read like Religious Propaganda; IE: "Your leg hurts because God loves you and this pain will heal you! God Bless!" Criticism for Republican politicians, will be met with Republican users reporting these users to Yahoo; where Yahoo will just remove the comment and give that user a "Violations Notice". Yahoo claims Violations Notice can be disputed, but Yahoo rarely, if ever, replies back to the emails. MANY former Yahoo Answer users have reported that their accounts have been deleted, citing the reasons above. Considering Yahoo awards a point system to encourage more participation, a user with several thousand points who ends up having their account suspended, is put through a lot of undo stress. Seeing as it can take several months to a year to reach these point levels.
A guy asked if Gay Marriage was the reason for the flooding in the USA. If that God was punishing us. When I called his comments ignorant and that he was acting like a bigot; I received a Violations Notice. Even though his question remained up. Yeah, real fair..... Just another day on Yahoo Propaganda Answers !
by the2ndflood July 27, 2008
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A very ignorant way to pronounce English words; which makes the speaker sound stupid. It is a mix of Southern jargon, foreign terms from places like England, and terms made popular by rappers. Words like "Teeth" are replaced with "Teefh" or "Teefhis." Most words with "Th" in the end of the them are replaced with "TF" ( pronounced like Tee-Fifth). There is also completely made up words like "Finna." Finna meaning I'm fixing to, which is also a form of Ebonics; as "Fixing to" is an incorrect way to say "I'm getting ready to."
The main problem with Ebonics, besides the ignorant stigma that cames along with it; is that most rappers and people that live in so-called Ghettos make up their own words. This has lead to an ever growing list of mispronounced words that ultimately cause these people to be viewed as thugs, gang members, criminals, and just plan stupid. Ebonics thrives in a world where most people want to look, speak, and act just like everyone else. The "Thug Look" is king of this world. Ebonics has the major effect of creating a negative stereotype for black men, women and Wiggers (A Wigger being a white person that so desperately wants to be Black). Ebonics has also caused people that speak in Ebonics-Only, to have their career choices limited. As employers view these people as being less intelligent and with the stereotype of being a thug. Even though these views are often times wrong, an impression of a person leads to a characterizing of them. An impression is the only way to judge a person without knowing more about them. So if the first impression is of a person that seems unable to speak in an intelligent manner; then that person will be judge solely on that. At a job interview the first impression is the ONLY impression. Ebonics has also lead to an overall stereotyping that American's are stupid. Rap is the major driving force behind Ebonics. Rappers tend to be pushed by record labels into a category of "The Status Quo." The Status Quo being the same generic look, sound and general act of being a thug. Leaving most rappers to be a carbon-copy of each other. Since so many people want to fit in, they follower rappers in anyway they can and that includes the ignorant speak of the "Street". Many African America's refuse to let go of Ebonics, as they see it as part of their Black Culture. While many view Ebonics as part of their Culture, their is a large group of intellectual African America's that view this as the core reason why black men and women receive negative stereotypes. The idea is that since white men and women often times have a limited understanding of Black Culture; that they get the wrong idea of the race from TV and Music. It should also be pointed out that White men and women have their own stereotypes. Rednecks are viewed as ignorant, fanatical, racist. So any segment of a population , no matter how small, can have consequences for everyone in that group.

Ebonics sound so stupid!
by the2ndflood March 25, 2008
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Tourette Syndrome is a condition that effects the brain's motor functions. Sufferers will be forced to "Twitch", "Speak Outloud" and can also effect thoughts. People that suffer from Tourette's feel the urge to act-out in some way; most commonly through Twitches and language. The stereotype of Tourette syndrome is that the sufferer will curse for no set reason. This is NOT always the case. Tourette syndrome has a very wide list of problems that can be manifested in many ways. The general public though is not aware of this fact. This makes living with the condition much harder, because people assume that with Tourette Syndrome, comes swearing. So finding acceptance's is hard to find. The best way to describe the feeling of having Tourette's is by comparing it to an itch. Your brain tries sending a message to your body; I.E. the feeling to Twitch your eyes. This feeling does not go away. With an itch you can ignore the feeling and thoughts that come with it, but with Tourette Syndrome, there is no way to turn the message off. So a feeling of pressure and stress builds up until the person just gives in and acts on that thought. Right after that movement is performed, your brain sends yet another signal to Twitch. So the sufferer is left with an ongoing urge to Twitch And/Or Speak Out, that does not go away on it's own. Tourette Syndrome ranges in it's level of "Punishment." Punishment is a term used by sufferers to describe the level of stress they feel. The feeling of Punishment comes from the fact that it is the sufferers own brain that is causing the Punishment. A good way to look at Tourette Syndrome, is that the sufferer has their own thoughts and feelings, but the Tourette's has it's own section of that persons mind. Much in a way that someone with multiple personalties has 2 or more, completely different personalties. The Tourette Syndrome part of the persons mind is like a having a completely different personalty, living along side of their own. These 2 different personalties do not live in harmony, hence the term "Punishment." The level of Punishment can range from a slight level where the sufferer has almost complete control over the Tourette Syndrome. To a level where the person has no control what-so-ever. This level is dibilatating, because the suffer has no control over their own body and basically lives in a state of Living Hell. In recent years more time has been spend studying Tourette Syndrome and from this has come more promising cures. But on average though, the doctor will threat each Symptom, because no medication can treat everything that Tourette Syndrome will put a person through. In the past Electroshock was used in treating Tourette's, with little longterm success. There is a new type of Electroshock treatment in the form of "Deep Brain Stimulation" which has shown far more promise. Where-in an electrode the size of a human hair in slowly driven deep into the brain. After the location is found, slight electrical impulses are pumped into that part of the brain, disrupting the Tourette's signals to the body. The sufferer will have to wear a pacemaker for the rest of their life. If the impulses are stopped, the person will feel the Punishment feelings come back. To date there is no known Complete cure for Tourette Syndrome. But the sufferer can find some peace in working out, meditation, medication, along with other things that can take the persons mind off of their Tourette Syndrome. Some find peace in the thought that while living with Tourette Syndrome, they get to understand the world and it's people from a different prospective. Because they known how a so-called normal person feels and how a person that sufferers from a mental illness feels. Which makes them a far better doctor, therapist, psychologist, and human being, because they understand both sides of reality. In reality though, there is no such thing as a "Normal" person. Every person is different.

Tourette Syndrome is one of the most misunderstood of all mental defects. You should keep this in mind next time you make fun of someone for having Tourette Syndrome. It's our own brain, not our own thoughts, that cause us to act in the way that we do. If we could turn Tourette Syndrome off like a light switch, we would have already done so. Most sufferers would give an arm and a leg just to be able to sit still, while at rest, for the rest of our lives. Tourette Syndrome is like having your body stunned with a Stun Gun every moment of the day.
by the2ndflood June 11, 2008
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