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An acroynm for "First-Lady I Would Like To Fuck."

Coined on The Daily Show (10/29/07), this term refers to how the 2008 presidential candidates have really hot wives.

In particular, the wife of Fred Thompson and the wife of Dennis Kucinich, both of whom are young and sexy.
God damn! Dennis Kucinich knows how to pick 'em, because his wife Elizabeth would be one hell of a FLILF!

And Fred Thompson is a FLILF Hunter if I've ever seen one!
by The Supporter October 30, 2007
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The Bird is a complicated sexual maneuver. Successful completion requires five (5) people, one of whom is The Bird.

The Bird takes one dick from the back, one dick in the mouth, one dick in their left hand (while the person stands on The Bird’s left), and one dick in their right hand (while the person stands on The Bird’s right).

Bent over with all four (4) penises in position, The Bird jerks their arms back-and-forth while rocking their body back-and-forth. They look like they are trying to fly away, hence, The Bird.
Dude, I just walked in on the sickest shit I have ever seen!

I caught Nathan, Matt, Jon, Mitch, and Dave doing The Bird!
by The Supporter March 08, 2007
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An acroynm for "News I'd Like To Fuck."

Coined on The Daily Show (5/16/07), this term refers to how the 24 hour news networks have hired some super-sexy anchors to do the reporting.

CNN has the wholesome girl-next-door NILFs

MSNBS has the dirty-over-thirty NILFs

FOX has the filthy NILFS who will "report anything." They are the Hustler of NILFS.
Dude, it's hard to watch CNN without rubbing one off. They only hire NILFs.
by The Supporter May 16, 2007
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(noun) A fart ventriloquist is someone who is capable of creating the appearance that their fart originated from another person. This person can elicit much joy in his or her observers, but to the detriment of the poor sap who has been targeted.
-Holy crap! Do you smell that?! Ewww!! Adam farted!

(*shreeks and screams of those within the smell-zone*)

-Dude, I totally just blamed that fart on Adam.
--You damn fart ventriloquist. You'll pay for that. You and your stank-ass.
by The Supporter May 05, 2007
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One who hunts FLILFs.

A hunter of FLILFs.

A presidential candidate or incumbent who has or is seeking a really hot wife.
Fred Thompson would be an awful president, but he definitely is one of the nation's top FLILF Hunters!
by The Supporter October 30, 2007
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Describing a situation in which a girl is speaking with a man other than yourself. The girl is occupied by a cock, cockupied.
Hey George, why aren't you talking to Laura?

Ahh shucks Dick, she's cockupied by that asshole Donald!
by The Supporter November 06, 2005
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