THE ONLY Democrat left who's still on the people's side.
Dennis Kucinich is the only Democrat I would vote for in the 2008 elections.
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If John Kerry had any sense, he'd have picked Dennis as VP instead of John Edwards.
by Colby October 18, 2004
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Democratic Congressman from Ohio. Believes in peace, universal healthcare and human rights. About 5'6", vegan, 58 years old, cute, frequently wears yellow ties. Has been observed to flip a peace sign on occasion and hug people by way of a hello. Has a purple house and one daughter. Fiery public speaker and former professor.
Dennis Kucinich pwned Ed Herman in the 2004 race for Ohio's 10th Congressional District.
by Phoebe November 11, 2004
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A magical woodland pixie parading as a presidential candidate.
Dennis Kucinich should be president because he alone could solve the Iraq war...he'd convince us all to clap our hands and say, "I do believe in democracy, I do believe in democracy..."
by elars May 14, 2007
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Dennis Kucinich claims that we shouldn't "play God and kill others" as his reason for his opposition to capital punishment, yet he is for abortion. So let me get this straight, it's perfectly fine to kill the innocent, but don't you dare try to punish the guilty. Now, I'm not for the death penalty (it's expensive, the innocent are sometimes killed and I'd rather die than go to prison), but Kucinich's reason is borderline absurd. He also supports gun control (which is an idiotic concept to begin with and is a direct violation of the second amendment). How exactly is he good again?
by david smith, jr. February 6, 2008
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