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A woman who can lift flex her boobs WITHOUT the use of her hands or a bra.

Kevin: "hey jack."
Jack: "what ?"

Kevin: "Laura is inside doing some MAJOR boob flexing. She's really good at it !"

Jack: "God bless America"
by The Paradox March 18, 2008

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A Hot, Sexy babe with a Diva like attitude.
Mary is one fine Bubble Pop Bitch !
by The Paradox October 16, 2007

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To slap and or be slapped in the face with a book, usually a medium or large paperback with about 500 to 1000 pages (Telephone book, Computer Book, Etc)
Jim: "You better tell us the code, or else !"
Steve: "Or else what ?"
Jim: "Or I'll bookslap your ass !"
by The Paradox October 31, 2007

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Boobie: a Woman's Breast - Mostly Large in Cup size

Noob: A Newbie, some one who is new to a game, Operating System, Etc.

Boobie Noob: A Female Noob with Ample or Very Large breasts.
Layla is so buxom and has no idea how to play a flight sim. She is a Total Boobie Noob !
by The Paradox October 26, 2007

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A Video Gamer's absolute favorite Video Game - The game can also be a guilty pleasure that no one, or very few people know about.

Mark: Metal Gear Solid 3 is my Gamer Porn. I can play it for hours - days even.

Jesse: I thought your Gamer Porn was Rumble Roses

Mark: Well it is, but if anyone asks you my Gamer Porn is Metal Gear Sold 3

Jesse: Noob.
by The Paradox December 05, 2007

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