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The Sequel to Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer: Renegade, The game is set in the 2030 (or 2031 I forgot). On Tiberian sun, Nod recovered itself when a man named Anton Slavik escapes Execution and then later on Executed his would be executor Hassan and when doing so Kane makes a surprise revival. On the GDI's side of the story: General James Soloman (played by James Earl Jones from Star Wars) realized that Kane is back in power and he plans to do Something about it, so he gets one of his best men, Commander Mike McNeil (Played by Michael Biehn from Termanator 1) Mike was also assigned to capture Nod General Vega who has been dealing a possible Tiberium based poison. Also there have been many new things with Tiberium in Tiberian Sun, Tiberium has grown rapidly causing Civilian evacuation from Temperate and tropical climates of the earth (those are ecosystems that Tiberium grow the fastest on) and caused almost all non-mutated Human Civilians to evacuated to the Colder Northern Regions of the Earth (eg, Scandinavia, North Russia and Siberia, North Canada, Greenland ext). Some humans who were infected by Tiberium gradually mutated into Tiberium mutants known as the Forgotten who were also known as Shiners as a racist slang by most non-infected Civilians and GDI personnel. The Forgotten (Shiners as we would call em) are major victims of Nod Tiberium research. Tiberium research was a key component for the Brotherhood of Nod's cyborg program and discover advanced Tiberium mutations such as Viceroids (which also appeared on Tiberian Dawn and renegade)fiends, Tiberium Floaters, and Tiberium Veinhole monsters (New mutant creatures on Tiberian sun). Command and Conquer: Tiberian I would say, Although a old and dated game (it was released back in the Summer of 1999) it has a intresting Plot and Story and James Earl Jones (aka: Darth Vader) is in it!
If you want a good yet classical Futuristic/Sci-fi RTS game, then you should give C&C:Tiberian Sun, and it's expansion pack- C&C:Tiberian Sun Firestorm a try
by The Harmeister March 28, 2005

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Caucasian Americans that follow the ways of Japanese culture so they can be "Japanese." They are the reasons why many Japanese-Americans look down on us. If the Wapaneseism becomes too much of fad by many Caucasian-Americans then our fellow Japanese-American counterparts will actually start to think mainstream Americans are retarded
Jill(Wapanese person)- Hey look im Kagome, im gonna do Japanese stuff and hate on America.
Tomi(Actual Japanese Person)- Jill, you are one stupid Moron and a "Bakayaru", and thanks to you now I think America is filled with wannabe retards that watch Anime 24-7. And if you don't like your country, you can leave it and I came here for a better life and im actually liking America.
by The Harmeister April 21, 2005

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A proud and glorious nation in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. The Fire Nation only tries to help other nations of the Avatar world move into the future but Water Tribesmen along with their mentally retarded minds cannot understand the benefits of Fire Nation hegemony which is why water tribesmen need to be killed off.

The Fire Nation is always constantly under attacked by idiotic Water benders, internal communists like Iroh and Ursa, Maoist "Freedom Fighters", and avatars like Aang who could care less about "the balance" and only wish to spoon feed their Marxist agendas to people in the avatar world.
If you don't like Fire Lord Ozai and you are against the Fire Nation, you are a communist pinko.
by The Harmeister April 09, 2008

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The sequel to C&C: Tiberian Sun, it supposedly takes place in the year 2042 where nearly all of the world is infected with Tiberium and the world is divided into 3 zones, the blue zone, which covers about 20 or 30% of the world where the GDI are and the Western world remains and in the blue zone there is very few tiberium infections and tiberium hasn't plagued the blue zones...yet. Blue zones are located in the cold climates of the Earth where tiberium doesn't grow well. Yellow Zones make up the majority of the world, Yellow zones have moderate tiberium contamination and there are still unfortunate people who live in the yellow zones as well as Nod forces. Red Zones make up about 20% of the Earth and contains very dense Tiberium contamination and has been rendered almost completely uninhabitable to humans, humans who live in the red zones will most likely mutate into shiners (tiberium mutants who make up a faction called "The Forgotten") Also, there is talk of a 3rd faction in C&C 3 (Just as you had Ordos in Dune, Yuri in Red Alert and the GLA in Generals) I hope there is going to be a third faction, but there is a debate going on on what the third faction will be (The Forgotten, the Scrin or some new race, it's most likely going to be the Scrin aliens) It is said that C&C 3 will be released in 2007
Command & Conquer 3 better be as good and impacting or better than C&C: Tiberian sun, because we had to wait 8 damn years for the sequel!!!!!!!
by The Harmeister July 27, 2006

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Unlike "White Power" and "Black Power" I think it started out as a harmless fad back in the early and mid 90's where, all you had to have to have "azn pryde" was to be prideful of being an asian no matter what car you drove, or what music and movies to entertain yourself with, now with emergence of Anime and Chinese movies becomming Mainstreme, Asian pride is becomming a racist train of thought saying that Asians are supirior to Non-Asians. As Stokely Carmichael coined the term "Black Power" I do not know who first coined the term "azn pride" but modern "azn pryde" was probably founded upon by Jackie Chan and Zhang Ziyi
Police cop 1: I just saw some punk-ass Azn pryders take down the American flag, burned it and replaced it with the red china flag.

Police cop 2: Sadly we can't do anything about it, the liberals in congress are gonna fire us for being racist if we arrest them.
by The Harmeister June 08, 2005

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a awsome Kirby game made for the NES in 1993 (the late years for the NES), it was the first Kirby game where Kirby could copy his enemy's powers and abilities and use them for his advantage. It has SNES graphics despite being on the NES.
In Kirby's adventure, Kirby could copy abilities of his enemies such as the ability to breath fire and ice wind, use a sword or a hammer or even turn into a ball or a UFO, ext
by the Harmeister October 16, 2005

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The underrated Mario Bros who twice his older brother's ass; first in "Mario is Missing", then in "Luigi's Mansion" and maybe a few more times in the animated series in the late 80s and early 90s. Luigi can jump higher, he can perform critical hits with his upper cuts and shoots out green straight-shooting fire balls (as witnessed in Super Smash bros games). However, Luigi is not as fast, as physically strong (when it comes to lifting and carrying things) and he does not have a good sense of balance as Mario, (making him harder to control) as witnessed in SMB 2.
Luigi is usually the unsung hero of almost any Mario game
by The Harmeister January 19, 2009

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