67 definition by The Dude

when a so-called "friend" niehbor makes their grandkids come out and scream fictional stuff about the niehbor's kids
"fuck i still see that cruel niehbor is at it again"
by the dude April 29, 2004

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Can be used as an interjection in the same way as "cool" "sweet" or "damn awesome"
1) I get to go to Cape Cod this summer! Fuck mad bitches!
2) Fuck mad bitches, that movie was awesome!!
by The Dude June 22, 2004

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Referring to a devasting hit during a sporting event. Used in the context of "Laying the Wood" or "Bringing the Wood." Oftentimes leads to crippling injury which is incouragable as it brings added prestige to those that "Bring the Wood."
Coach: Tommy, you're big and black, now go out there and lay the wood on the white QB and put him out of the game

In Action: Tommy gets owned by a more supreme fat white lineman as the big man brings the wood to him.

Tommmy now lives in a wheel chair and shits himself regularly. Fuck you tough black guy that dominates sports and makes them disgraceful.
by The Dude March 24, 2005

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after railing the female (or male if thats your thing) from behind for an unspecified amount of time and shooting your wad all over their back, punch them in the back of the head. hard. used to prevent unwanted after-sex cuddle time. similar to the the Dirty Pedro
Jeez, I took your advice and used the Cleveland Snowplow on Jane last night and I went right to sleep when I put my head down.
by the dude February 03, 2005

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To have sex simulateously with 100 sweaty tramps on a piss stained mattress
Why are you walking like that, did you have a Gary Moore last night or something?
by The Dude November 25, 2004

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The act of a group of guys fucking the living daylights out of girl then beating the shit out of her so she doesn't tell anyone about it.
Yo, we found this hott bitch on the street so we Compton Gangbanged her. Now, she's in the hospital in critical condition, but it was well worth it.
by The Dude June 17, 2004

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Tropical Fruit. (Well.. it IS if you think about it).
My son was sick one day. He told me, "Dad, I need some punani." So I went to the store, and asked for some punani. Little did I know...
by The Dude February 19, 2005

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