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believed to be derived from "far be it from the truth" or an anachronism of "Fast And Researchless Buying".

a derogatory term used in the hobby of historical reenacting in reference to participants who exhibit indifference to historical authenticity, either from a material-cultural standpoint or in action. It can also refer to the inauthentic materials used by those reenactors.

Also called "polyester soldiers," farbs are reenactors who spend relatively little of their time or money maintaining authenticity with regard to uniforms, accessories, or even period behavior. The 'Good Enough' attitude is pervasive among farbs, although even casual observers may be able to point out flaws.
Fred:"Did you see those reenactors eating McDonalds?"

Bob: "Yeah, I know, what farbs!"

"Look at that polyester dress that woman is wearing! What a farb."
by chaquageorge August 10, 2009
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Farb (N.) a person in a reenacting group (of any era, mainly U.S. Civil War and WWII) who does not wear the correct equiptment and/or uniforms and is too lazy to correct their impression.

Farby (Adj.) Something that is not correct to someone's historical impression. Or, someone who is a farb is said to be farby.
Ex: The man with the post war belt is a farb, because it is not WWII and that is what he is trying to portray.

Ex: That helmet you are wearing is farby, as it's not from WWII and you are trying to portray a WWII soldier.
by ChenKenichi December 30, 2005
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an inaccurate reenactor.
Usually wearing gray sweatshirt and pants and a paper had to complete their confederate uniform. They always want to know if there is anywhere out in california where they can campaign. Then they ride.
Paul Calloway and Mike "Dusty" Chapman are farbs.
by Patrick Landrum July 23, 2004
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Inauthentic civil war reenactor. Typically has no respect for history, and goes reenacting only to shoot guns and get drunk.
by Yankee1861 March 17, 2003
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- adjective

1. aesthetic; slick, cool, person or item having overt style, appeal or sophistication

2. ability, coming from one's knowledge, practice, aptitude to do something with effortless skill. Displaying brilliance and virtuosity of ability or performance

3. exclamatory; to acclaim or praise for certain exceptional qualities

Originally derived from 'boy farbio', farbs can refer to inanimate objects as well as people.

Can be used as prefix or suffix to other lexical items to lend that term qualities of 'farbs'.
Playing pro evo Hackett says 'Mike that goal was farbs as fuck mate!'

walking past an old skool merc 'check out the farbsmobile!'

'won 4-0 at footy. Farbs!'
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A reenactor who is anachronistic. For instance using modern glasses with a Civil War uniform.

A contraction from "Far be it from me to complain, but..."
That newbie is farbing all over the unit.
by w.hithe April 25, 2008
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