67 definitions by The Dude

1)refers to a dude that wakeboards better than Parks Bonifay, snowboards better than Shaun White. 2)He has long hair and wears hurley shirts sometimes aka... Ryan D.
In order to become a guy like ryan in each sport you have to smoke weed, have long hair, and drink 40oz of Old english in order to be an ultimate x gamer like ryan d. PS. dont live in Idaho falls, id...
by the dude March 01, 2004
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A form of ladyscaping where the pubic hair is trimmed to resemble a mustache. Also looks like a horizontal landing strip.
Dude, check out the chicks vagstache.
Charlie Chaplins upper lip looks like my upper lips.
by the DUDE March 02, 2012
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A large heterosexual male who loves the band Tool and spending time with his girl.
Jron raped my ass.
I saw Jron coming, so I ran away.
by The Dude July 22, 2003
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a person who is usually tall, gangly, and play sports (ie:soccer). they are usually in middle school- high school.
stupid jock squaker. so goddamn usless and unhelpful. asshole
by the dude January 26, 2005
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An expletive word meaning
Damnit life couldnt suck anymore than it does at this point in time

used frequently by goths

Man my penis just fell off, Blorgenajoog!
by the dude September 01, 2004
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Derived from "trebuchet." - A trebuchet made, in part, by Trybus.

The trybuchet is a wonder of modern engineering. In some ways, it's similar to the trebuchet - a catapult designed to destroy midevil castles. However, being the "Trybuchet," it has an inherent awesomeness that no trebuchet, or weapon for that matter, can match.
We hit the lion square IN THE FACE with our trybuchet!!
by The Dude October 13, 2003
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when the guy lasts considerably longer as a result of his enebriated state (drunk).
i had liquor dick, and we fucked for hours...
by the dude November 17, 2004
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