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"An' it harm no one, do what ye will"

An inherently immoral philosophy because it encourages a failure to act. "An' it harm no one..." means do not actively harm anyone. Fine. Doing harm is, in fact, bad. However, failing to prevent harm is also bad. If you live by The Rede you can fail to prevent harm if the prevention of harm is not "what ye will." Also, if actively doing good deeds is not "what ye will," then you do not have to do them.

Although living by The Rede does not necessarily make you a bad person, it also does not make you a good person.
"Do unto others as you want them to do unto you."
by The Dude November 11, 2004

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Fapie is a derivative of the word fape. It has two meanings: 1. the state of being faped; 2. pronoun used as the second word in a two-noun phrase.
1. That dude was getting his fapie on.
2. Consider "Overlook Cafe," which becomes "OverlookFapie" under this pronoun convention
by The Dude December 06, 2004

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A dickwho is small in stature.
what an ass munchkin.
by The dude March 27, 2003

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Diesel Boys are chauchies who wear the Diesel brand of clothing. These guys think that they are bad-ass in their $100 t-shirts and jeans that look like they came from the girls' rack. You can often spot Diesel Boys dressed in everything Diesel from a toquw or hat to a wrinkled shirt (it's supposed to look like that) with fake spray paint all over it, to jeans that you swear you've seen your sister wearing, to the shoes. You will often see Diesel Boys in their natural habitats of clubs. They usually travel in packs attempting to pick up chicks with too much make up. See also ass pirate
Diesel Boy: "Hey watch it these jeans cost $150!"
Normal Person: "Fuck off Diesel Boy!"

"Whoa that guy dresses like a homosexual!"
"No that's just a Diesel Boy."
by The Dude February 04, 2005

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Refers to a person who excels at one or more of the following: 1. drinking beers, and lots of them 2. being a generally sweet dude 3. rocking out in any situtation with total disregard to bystanders' feelings, family, or friends
Woah, look at that guy. He's rocking out and he must have had at least 19 beers. He's a sweet dude. He must be a Hay.
by The Dude April 06, 2005

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GLamer, pronounced lamer, with a G

A Stoned pronounciation of Lamer
duuuuudee ur such a glamerr...
by The Dude April 05, 2004

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A girl that will do anything anytime anywhere with anyone no matter what kind of relationship she is in and if that person is involved in it with her or not. Comes from the fine ho's of Table Grove, Illinois.
"I'm taking that grover chick out tonight, she's guaranteed to take it anyway I can give it."
by The Dude December 16, 2004

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