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The kind of whore who can't live without getting fuck by as many cocks as possible. The nasty whore will prefer multiple penetration...followed by anal and cuir licking and fucking. It usually ends with a good ass to mouth and the nasty whore will clean it at to the very last drop every time.
God dude...last night we fucked this nasty whore we found at the club.
While I was fucking her head, Bret and Micheals where blowing her pussy and ass out. And finnaly we got out of there clean that whore clean us all with a good out fashioned ass to mouth.
by The lord June 7, 2004
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1. When a Sandian shuts the fuck up after 2 hours of talking about the high cost of medications, the great deals on condos they can get and what kind of car rated highest for safety standards (instead of actually working).

2. The outcome of a Sandian being murdered.

3. When I shit down and clog the throat of a Sandian
When the crazy contractor murdered the Sandian, there was finally Peace and Quiet.
by The lord December 19, 2003
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loved and respected by many..but hated by shitloads of egotistical siteops and nukers
*****.***.-JAGiSO was nuked 4x by *** wtf.is.this.piece.of.crap?
by The lord September 9, 2003
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the art of cleaning your dirty cock in that sreet whore mouth!!!
God dude...I fucked this whore so hard in her gaping ass...I finished her with a good ''ass to mouth'' she got just what she deserve!!!!
by The lord June 3, 2004
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The surronding area of the ass hole, the perimeter of it.

Cuir : The O-ring itself
Cuir : the ring of fire
God bitch your ass is so tight, I never seen a cuir that tight before!

Lick my cuir!

I'm gonna fuck that cuir so hard

The nasty whore say : cum on fuck my cuir deep and hard!!!

Cum on Dude! Cuir me up!
by The lord June 4, 2004
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A swedish monster that eats yor pork while sleeping, and when you wake up your are in a whore haus.

How ?!

It's the work of the fläskpadda.
Ohh its a fläskpadda!
What? Where!
by The lord December 19, 2016
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Aa swedish sentence, that usally i define by Malte. Its good for all purpose in life
Malte: Va göru?!
Anders: du som är
by The lord December 19, 2016
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