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Similar to the "Red-Pill", "Pink-Pill" is all about Whitewashing reality with the touch of matriarchy (a little similar to "Red Pill" but different than "Blue Pill" and "Cyan Pill"), due to the color (which traditionally associates females) as referred to its title and especially, pink is the color found through the pigments of White people (hence pink is also close to red) when they spent much time in a very sunny area while they have not used SPF. Like color red also hence the Aussies call it as "Pommies" and the South Africans as "Rooineks", because the terms quickly describes a person of English origin because they look normally but purely "White" in contrast a number of continental European folks regards of the gender... - ialociN Nicolai/ialociN adneG
Guess who just took the "Pink-Pill" this time?

Too many cheap-ass Japanese dramas! They must go after i took one "Pink Pill!"
by The Saviour of Takeshima August 28, 2018
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A very white Chinese person (specifically but unless if it has more European continental or Brexit-(ing/ed) British genetics) but specifically takes ultra-White interests like: Indie music, metal music, lack of prudishness, sexuality, intelligence, laziness (because it benefits intelligence hence it echoes "The Big Lebowski"), wears something fit for Whites (specifically who are "hipster(s)" like Dr. Martens, army-esque clothes, being a spy/femme fatale (E.U. fr: espionnes = girl spies), boundless nostalgia, lack of family orientation, witchcraft, being a "goth" and in the "gothic" subculture so does punk and grunge, looking like one (like having the body, skin and height of Charlotte Gainsbourg with the head and eyes of Christina Ricci and lips of the deeply famous Béatrice Dalle) talking crap about politics that are crap, feminism (#MeToo) and more. See also: Worean (or Whorean) and Wapanese (or Whapanese) plus WhEAsian...
That chick is so ultra-Whinese, because she listens a lot of Courtney Love, Liz Phair, Fiona Apple, others except some...
by The Saviour of Takeshima August 17, 2018
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They way you spell and pronounce "British" like a demonized child in girlish bohemian clothes thus looking like a French girl. The reason why "Brutish" is close to "British" is not only because of the Brexit vote and progress but for how they antagonize Mainland Europe just like in a number of TV "programs" featuring "British" people especially to mention that they are proud war-freaks hence they are not fit to be in the E.U. since the E.U. is generally built for peace so that is why Brexit Britain will be just a Great "Brutain", isle of grayish "Brutes" in which it echoes the pragmatic French and Germans realizing that they call them names such as "rosbif(s)" and "Inselaffe(n)".
La connard! Those "Brutish" beasts just wanna invade Brussels with their Brexit fantasies just like how they are seen on TV and in the "movies", time to punish those "Brutish" roast beefs!

The "Brutish" people are the ones who pioneered their lousy culture exclusive for men only hence they invented FHM and other magazines like Arena...

Don't ever listen to sexist Brexit "Brutish" music like Ed Sheeran, why not try "Numa Numa", "Hard Rock Hallelujah", any French singer who is plain meaningless or "Du Hast" to make you feel European than "Brutish"!
by The Saviour of Takeshima June 13, 2018
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Originally a romanized (the one is U.S. while "romanised" is Brexit British) term for the Korean mafia in relation to "geondal" (sounded like a corruption of Chantal as in Chantal Goya) and "jopok", but it sounds close to Kanye West's first name but coincidentally. He mentioned Hyundai (Korea's crown jewel) in his song "Gold Digger" this because Hyundai (the automaker like Mitsubishi, its engineering provider before Kia took HMC over in 1998) is more practical to a number of buyers who are addicted to the Super Bowl like Kanye fans despite his support on Trump and especially, a number of their cars wete used by a number of Korean mafia groups as well.
Who is the hottest musician now? "Kkangpae West".
by The Saviour of Takeshima June 21, 2018
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A supporter or worshipper or even someone belongs to Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president (AmE: The E.C. president) who said that English is about to lose importance in the European Union during and after Brexit and forces member countries of the so-called E.U. to learn a different form of English (i deeply prefer American English because it is the only form of English to use words and spellings that BrE and company does not like "lunchpail", "E.U.", "favor", etc.) or even use other languages (presumably Estonian or other languages used in continental European even though some of their countries aren't members of the Union like Switzerland (Romansch), Norway and yes, Iceland but Turkey as well) and thus Juncker wants to make the E.U. into some bigger version of South Korea regarding to its diplomatically-charged rivalry with Japan (hence Dokdo, Jikji, East Sea, no anime, no manga but not some (like Nissan due to transatlantic ownership, Sony but except other channels), etc.) - retsiem-odkoD eht ialociN
retsiem-odkoD eht ialociN: Those who share posts from Bernie Sanders' page/account may ever be some kind of Junckerite(s)!
by The Saviour of Takeshima October 11, 2018
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A controversy or incident relating to the subculture that always offer a number of White people/Eurasian people and even more males than females as hipster and other subcultures Whites love.
"Just as the hipster subculture, the indie subculture is just offering more men than women and that is a result of Indiegate"
by The Saviour of Takeshima July 2, 2018
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Any kind of cuisine (but these foods and drinks are primarily taste dry and bitter) served, eaten and made ironically yet primarily to "men"/"bro(s)" like hamburgers/sandwiches, steaks, dry seafood, alcoholics, other bony foods, etc... As opposed to those primarily served, eaten and made by women yet ironically like cake(s). pastries, etc. and that is described as "Sis cuisine"
"Bro cuisine" feels ironic to me... No skinny and tall b**ch have ever tried that at all...
by The Saviour of Takeshima July 14, 2018
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