A term used to signify that something has gone well, often in a case where a lucky turn of events has gone in your favour.
Person 1: "Shit, I got in to a car accident today, but the person I hit was a hot chick and I ended up railing her"
Person 2: "Holy shit, Jesus walks"
by Teeth September 10, 2004
a person who wears beat up, dirty sandals, open toed and with no sox on.
damn son, look at him with those jesus walks on.
by 411 November 7, 2004
A song by Kanye West. Also a dance created by Kanye West while performing the song on stage at a concert.
1. "Jesus Walks" is a good song

2. Look at that dude on the dancefloor! He's bustin' out the Jesus Walks!
by DJHill August 25, 2004
Strutting around as if one can walk on water; often triggered by varsity athletic status, rowdy friends, and/or alcohol consumption. Derived as an alternate phrase for jaywalking
Police were worried about the number of accidents caused by Jesus-walking and middle-class commuters on the streets of Boulder, Colorado.
by Ellen Wagner April 12, 2008
a long journey that can only be done by walking
bloke1: "sup man I had to do a jesus walk from seven sisters to ponders end"

bloke2: "raaah thats a propa jesus walk"
by slim keeno July 4, 2005
that queer song "Jesus Walks" scares the hell outta me
by Screw u bitch August 12, 2004
You are never alone, someone is always there when you need them. You are not walking alone in this life. Keep positive and move forward.
by Richard7 March 9, 2022