"Click it Back"--in online poker, to make a minimum raise or reraise, often to feign strength. The phrase derives from having only to reclick the raise button (set by default to the minimum raise) without having to alter the bet size.
I had QJ HU oop on a 992 flop and fired a c-bet of $50. The nit raised it to $200, but I clicked it back (CiB) and he folded. He probably tossed QQ...typical ABC poker player.
by ShipItToKobe November 01, 2008
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Chicks I'd Bang. It's a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being only if despirate and 10 being every fucking day
Halley Berry registered a 10 on the CIB
by Alomar January 26, 2005
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dude 1: bro i heard you stole that guys phone!

dude 2: nigga! why?! CIB???!!!

dude 1: yes, partially.
by niggablacc March 10, 2011
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(n) - a slang term for a single cigarette

(v) - the act of smoking a cigarette

Lou: Hey man you trying to go cib?

Dude: Man this is the fourth cib I've given you today!
by cmoore0714 September 09, 2009
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Acronym for Crotch Is Burning, used to describe feelings of lust for a male by a female.
Looks like Megan's got a total CIB for that guy.
by Angel Vomit June 09, 2006
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Chronic Itchy Balls Syndrome: for boys
Chronic Itchy Boob Syndrom: for girls
Chronic Itchy Butt Syndrome: both
when a part of the body, such as your balls, itches like crazy and that's all you can think of, you have CIBS
by jesus3394 October 04, 2009
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