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1) Acronym for Pain In The Ass, a major annoyance.
2) Flat bread of Mediterranean origin, eaten as is or filled with small pieces of roasted meat, veggies, condiments, etc.
1) Reinstalling everything after a virus was a true PITA.
2) Greek-style pita is round and thickish, while Cypriot-style pita is elongated and thin.
by The Eternal Grunt April 27, 2004

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1) A person that pursues romantic and/or sexual relations with the same sex.
2) Adjective for matters pertaining to acts contextual to romantic and/or sexual relations between persons of the same sex.
1) Of course she is just friends with him, he is homosexual.
2) Homosexual acts were often a part of initiatory introduction to same-sex organizations like the medieval guilds or the clergy.
by The eternal grunt May 27, 2004

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The situation where a recent catastrophe is further complicated by some application of Murphy's Law or further revelations. Taken from the mental image of the "fragrant and pictorial" mess that excrement would make if it came into contact with the blades of a fan...
It was bad enough when they caught him rolling in the hay with a girl, but the shit really hit the fan when it was reported that she was underage.
by The Eternal Grunt January 30, 2004

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Term with derogatory undertones, used by the U.S.A government to characterize countries that "are suspected to harbour terrorism" and that are supposed to have formed an unofficial alliance, supposedly to justify invasion. The terms comes from "Axis", the nickname for the WWII German-Italian Alliance.
Russia doesn't belong to the "axis of evil" because it is too dangerous to confront.
by The eternal grunt April 23, 2004

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1. Person, concept or idea originating from Greece, a small but historically important mediterranean country.

2. Incomprehensible (originates from the fact that the Ancient Greek literature was considered high learning and thus incomprehensible to common mortals)

3. Term for a homosexual (originates from the fact that the ancient greeks seem to have been tolerant and accepting of homosexual and bisexual relationships)
Ouzo is a traditional Greek drink.
by The eternal grunt April 23, 2004

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The political system that centers on the needs of the society as a whole. Sometimes used as an alternative name for communism or as a derogatory term for opponents of capitalism. In fact it is a very wide term that can accomodate quite diverse ideologies.
Socialism and democracy are not mutually exclusive.
by The eternal grunt May 27, 2004

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The social system that centers on the production and accumulation of wealth. Originates from the latin word "capita" which means "head" as in "heads of cattle".
Capitalism cannot easily fail, as it can rename "wealth" to whatever is suitable to ensure its survival.
by The eternal grunt May 27, 2004

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