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The most popular and richest wigger that will ever live.
eminem is popular, and rich.
by The Dirty Pirate Whore July 24, 2008
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A unique, but yet simple langauge based highly off of the original Visual Basic language. Criticized by other programmers who program in languages like C++ and Java.

VB .NET uses .NET Framework, which is somewhat simple to use. It elminates having to download large bits of runtime files required to run earlier VB apps. If you have .NET installed, you most likely can support a VB .NET app.

VB .NET is often sterotyped as being a lazy, or noob language. Funny, you can program the exact same thing in VB .NET as you can in C++. Oh, and easier too.
C++: Hey, what are you doing VB .NET?

VB .NET: Oh, I'm just programming a tabbed web browser getting ready for distribution.

C++: Oh, sounds cool, how long did that take to make?

VB .NET: Oh, only about an hour.

C++: Really? Wow, ironicly I'm working on the exact same thing! I'm almost done too!

VB .NET: How long have you been working on your tabbed web beowser?

C++: 5 Years. I'm thinking of switching to Visual Basic .NET.

VB .NET: Good idea.
by The Dirty Pirate Whore July 11, 2008
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Knights of the Golden Circle.

This was a southern extremist group based in the north, it did exist, and is not made up. It was made in the Cival War era, and faded out.
The KGC is very bad and racist.
by The Dirty Pirate Whore July 4, 2008
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1. A drug that everything thinks is cool to use, but in reality, it's one of the most retarded things that only dirtballs use, and people who have no job and have no scense of hygene or respect.

2. A plant that grows in gardens, usually not favored by people who wish to keep their gardens living.
Person one: Woah dude, you want to smoke some weed?
Person 2: Fuck no, you dirtball!

Person 1: Wow, nice garden you got there!
Person 2: Thanks, but keeping the weeds away is hard work!
by The Dirty Pirate Whore July 11, 2008
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Dirty kids are the kids in your high school or middle school that are very dirty. They are people everyone fear for some odd reason, and they usually don't smell very pleasent, and smell like they just fell off the back of a garbage truck. They are generally very poor, and hang out with other dirty kids. They always look smug, and many of them smoke weed. They like to skip class, and often like to cuss down people who walk by. These kids usually sit at their own table in lunch, in a corner. These kids like to dress in black, wearing old t-shirts with Led Zeppelin on them, and Jimmy Hendix. These kids usually wear loads of earings, and the girls have nose rings often. The dirty kids are not kids you want to be part of, behind your backs, you are secretly made fun of, and mocked all the time. Most of us just hate you.
-Why is he so pissed?

-He's not pissed, he just hangs out with the dirty kids!
by The Dirty Pirate Whore July 3, 2008
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A lghtweight version of Ubuntu linux. Xubuntu is good for slow machines.
Xubuntu works awesome on my 100 MB or RAM laptop!
by The Dirty Pirate Whore July 4, 2008
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