the most under estimated rec competition cheerleading team from Kearny, NJ. With no support from their town they still manage to have a nearly undefeated season including 2 National Championship titles. They throw girls more then 20 feet in the air while they twist and turn. They perform death defying stunts and their tumbling skills are nothing short of amazing. They have come a long way with hardly any practice due to lack of town support. They are a family (a dysfunctional one) but still a family and have more drive and determination then most. They have made a great name for their town and it’s about time people start showing them the respect they deserve.
The KGC team are two time national cheerleading champions!
by KGC Supporter December 6, 2012
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Knights of the Golden Circle.

This was a southern extremist group based in the north, it did exist, and is not made up. It was made in the Cival War era, and faded out.
The KGC is very bad and racist.
by The Dirty Pirate Whore July 4, 2008
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Kool Guy Crew, Know Good Characters, Knowledge Generates Compassion
Just a few of many names we now know that this crew of friends goes by. Started in early 2000 by a black male and singer of hardcore band Fever Strike by the name of Teddy in Winston Salem North Carolina. They spread large and quickly across NC and along the east coast. With members unknown, recently it was seen that they are still apparently active but very low key.
That's a member of the KGC family
by Anonposter October 21, 2022
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The Kings Grant Click, a group of criminals in Gastonia,NC that don't consider themselves a gang, but a "clique," even though they beat your ass if you want to join. The group does minor crimes like stealing bikes and other things left outside. They don't kill or threaten people like gangs do.
That KGC asshole jacked my bike last night.
by Corey Levi October 16, 2008
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