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A unique, but yet simple langauge based highly off of the original Visual Basic language. Criticized by other programmers who program in languages like C++ and Java.

VB .NET uses .NET Framework, which is somewhat simple to use. It elminates having to download large bits of runtime files required to run earlier VB apps. If you have .NET installed, you most likely can support a VB .NET app.

VB .NET is often sterotyped as being a lazy, or noob language. Funny, you can program the exact same thing in VB .NET as you can in C++. Oh, and easier too.
C++: Hey, what are you doing VB .NET?

VB .NET: Oh, I'm just programming a tabbed web browser getting ready for distribution.

C++: Oh, sounds cool, how long did that take to make?

VB .NET: Oh, only about an hour.

C++: Really? Wow, ironicly I'm working on the exact same thing! I'm almost done too!

VB .NET: How long have you been working on your tabbed web beowser?

C++: 5 Years. I'm thinking of switching to Visual Basic .NET.

VB .NET: Good idea.
by The Dirty Pirate Whore July 10, 2008
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Visual Basic .NET is the best programming language to date. Many people think it's noobish becuase I can create a true P2P application in the same time it takes them to code a message box in C\C++ or ASM.
C\C++ Dev. - "ZOMFG I just made my first message box."
VB.NET Dev. - "How long did it take."
C\C++ Dev. - "Around 2 1/2 years."
VB.NET Dev. - "Oh. I made a Napster Clone and conquered the world in half the time it took you to do that."
C\C++ Dev. - :-X
VB.NET Dev. - "Yup, Visual Basic .NET pwns."
by Dylan Ppokland October 13, 2006
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