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Definition 1:
a gender that is different when someone is asleep

Definition 2:
a xenogender that has a different gender concept when asleep
Definition 3:
a fake invalid gender made by Dream stans, meaning they “identify as Dream”
Definition 4:
a person who is dreamgender
Defintion 5:
a disgraceful Dream stan who claims they identify as dreamgender
In this case we will use definition 3
Dream stan: I’m coming out!
Normal human: oh cool what is your gender/orientation
Dream stan: I am dreamgender, meaning I identify as dream
Normal human: ewww no go touch grass
Dream stan: hey u stupid dreamphobe
Normal human: you need a brain check
by ThatFemaleAroace September 5, 2022
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an identity meaning someone who is aromantic and asexual, or anywhere on either/both spectrum
someone who is aroace
Person 1: I am aroace
Person 2: yesss 🧡💛🤍💙💜
by ThatFemaleAroace September 9, 2022
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1. an arospec romanticity where someone only feels attraction during dreams; yumeromantic; sognareromantic
2. An invalid romanticity where someone wants to f*** their favorite MCYT Dream; dreamsmpromantic
3. someone who is dreamromantic (either definition)
Person 1: Are you LGBT+?
Person 2: Yeah, I am dreamromantic
Person 1: disgrace of a human

Person 2: If you think I mean the YouTuber.
Person 1: Yeah I do.
Person 2: I mean that I only feel attraction during dreams.
Person 1: oooohhh

Dream Stan: I identify as dreamromantic!!
Normal Human: No you stupid disgrace of a human, that’s fake
Dream Stan: But dreamromantic is valid, and you can be romantically attracted to Dream.
Normal Human: ew no
Person 1: I am proud to announce that I am a dreamromantic.
Person 2: …please tell me you aren’t actually “attracted to Dream”…
Person 1: I mean that I only feel attraction during dreams.
Person 2: ooh okay so basically the dream stans made it or attempted to make it invalid
Person 1: yea
Dream Stan: I am a dreamromantic, we are valid
People: No you aren’t lol. And stop trying to invalidate real orientations
Dream Stan: What’s that?
Normal Person: bruh
by ThatFemaleAroace September 3, 2022
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a fatherless individual that is wayy into kpop and want to f**k with kpop people, usually being female teenagers
an insane person

someone who needs to be brain studied
Definition 3:
Person 1: Look at that Kpop stan!!!
Person 2: Wait but they don’t watch-
Person 1: No, no. It’s a new definition. Someone who needs to be brain studied.
Person 2: OoooOhh
by ThatFemaleAroace September 5, 2022
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someone who discriminates dreamsexual people and/or dreamromantic people (not to be confused with the invalid orientations)
someone who is scared or has a hatred toward dreams
a person whose father did not leave them and is sane and doesn’t use made up sexualities, romantic orientations, and genders
Definition 3:
Dream Stan: Stop being a dreamphobe!
Sane Person with father: but I am proud to be a dreamphobe and not use fake orientations and genders
by ThatFemaleAroace September 5, 2022
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describing the same thing as dreamromantic (definition 2)
describing a fatherless invidiual who claims they are romantically attracted to people on the Dream SMP
someone who claims they identify as dreamsmpromantic (either definition)
Definition 1:
Dream Stan: I am proud to announce I am dreamsmpromantic
Sane people: ew no fatherless + ratio + L + touch grass + haven’t touched grass since 1 month old
by ThatFemaleAroace September 5, 2022
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dreamgender (definition 3)
a fake identity where people claim they identify as the Dream SMP server
someone who is dreamsmpgender (any previous gender)
Normal Human: The dreamsmpgender people need to get a life. They are invalidating actual sexualities, romantic orientations, and genders. This term is stupid. I am a proud dreamphobe.
by ThatFemaleAroace September 5, 2022
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