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Short for someone who is both Aromantic and Asexual (asexuality is an orientation like bisexual or heterosexual).

They don't experience romantic or sexual attraction. Or they are in the grey area, and infrequently experience those attractions.

Aroace people can still fall in love, it's just not romantic or sexual (or is infrequently).

You can be asexual and not aromantic or aromantic and not asexual, but aroace means the person is both.
" She's not into you, she's aroace"
by Quietcrayon August 30, 2017
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Aroace, or Aromantic Asexual, is a sexual orientation(like gay, lesbian and hetero) which combines two already existing orientations, aromantic, where the person rarely falls in love romantically with any gender and asexual, where the person does not experience sexual attractions to any gender.

This sexuality means that the person cannot fall in love both sexually and romantically, and it is pretty rare to see an aroace like someone in either of those ways. You can be an aroace while still having crushes, but it should be pretty rare.
'I'm sorry, Betty. I tried, I really did, but she told me herself, she's aroace'
'Well, I'll have to respect her decision, then. Thanks anyway'
by Pleasedon'tkill October 18, 2020
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When someone doesn’t want your crap and just wants to be friends

Also means a person who doesn’t experience romantic nor sexual attraction to anyone
“Hey pretty girl, are you single?”
“No, I’m aroace Kevin, fuck off
by Why can’t I not be anxious?? October 25, 2019
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aroace is both a asexual (experiences little to no sexual attraction) and a-romantic (experiences little to no romantic attraction).

aroace people can still fall in love whether it’s platonic or is romantic (happens rarely though but it can still happen)

you can be asexual and not be a romantic and you can be a romantic but not be asexual.

there’s also the gray/grey area where a gray/grey aroace rarely falls in love or experiences sexual attraction
sorry i don’t like you that way i’m aroace”
“bro she doesn’t like you, she’s aroace but you can still try”
by oh shittt July 24, 2019
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Someone who is aroace is able to reject the temptations of attraction and break anyone's heart, therefore classing them as a higher and more powerful being.
"Sock is aroace, they have the power to break a thousand hearts."
by finn the enby goose April 08, 2021
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