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The act of gross sexual intercorse with an abnormal woman, who recently sucked off an extremely tall man and exchanged their semen through kissing.
Yuck man, you jus did a ThissaD!
by Terence November 25, 2004
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Original British Superheroine, conceived in 1987, for the CGI movie "The Streets Of Shayde" (Name copyright (c) 1998)
by terence August 08, 2003
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Is another meaning for a dickhead and/or hacker. he also likes to ride Terence
I'm a kchow
Yo this guy is such a kchow
by terence April 14, 2005
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Also synonym for ESL (english second language)See ESL.
Please speak proper english! You are so kchow
by terence May 06, 2005
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boo that means like that doesn't look right..or u didn't something stupid...
For example this kid wore an orange shirt and green pants..my brother would go up to him and be like "boo that man"
by Terence June 17, 2004
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The when all wars are started. Most deaths occur. Everyone hates this day.
Mon- latin means "earth fucks everyone on earth"
You have cancer, today is monday.
You find your girlfriend cheating on you on mondays.
Hey your whole family just died in a horrible car accident involing zeebras and clowns, Oh yeh, today is monday!
by Terence June 16, 2003
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A fat little boy who loves to suck cock. He likes to ride a kid named Terence and did I mention he's gay?
You're such a krad
Hey look ken's a krad
by terence April 14, 2005
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