38 definitions by Teratogen

The idea that God created the Universe but then Evolution took over and developed the Universe.
I don't believe in Creationism or Evolution by themselves. I believe in CREATOLUTION
by Teratogen February 06, 2013
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Something that causes a man to lose his erection.
I was just about to have sex with this chick when I pulled off her panties and I saw blue waffles! What a willy drooper!
by Teratogen May 25, 2012
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I need to go pick up my kid from germcare.
by Teratogen May 07, 2012
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The whole kerschmeel is the whole ball of wax, the whole enchilada, the whole shebang, the whole nine yards!
This rave is whole kerschmeel!
by Teratogen February 03, 2012
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A lock that locks up a liquor cabinet in a house so the kids/teens can't get to the liquor.
The kids had a big house party while we were away for the weekend and they got into the liquor. We need a liquor lock!
by Teratogen February 03, 2012
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The giggles.
Sharon is watching a sitcon. It is giving her the laffyhahas.
by Teratogen June 25, 2011
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the vagina
I just heard my girlfriend refer to her vagina as a jelly trout!
by Teratogen December 03, 2010
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