82 definition by Tenacious Faulker

1) The private hell one spends time in while looking for a wardrobe change or bathroom after a shart.

2) A tiny, backwood town in the middle of Pennsylvania with no notariety whatsoever except for it's amusingly unfortunate rootword in it's name -- shart.
Caller 1: You left the party fast! Where are now?

Caller 2: Oh...no where. Just wastin' away again in my own Shartlesville.
by Tenacious Faulker March 28, 2009

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To throw one's hat in (as "in the ring") is to:
1) to challenge or contend for something.

2) nominate someone or oneself for something. To volunteer.

A boxing metaphor that originated in the early 19th century when one who wished to challenge a boxer would throw his hat into the ring as a way of having your challenge noticed in a crowded ring.
In 1912 Theodore Roosevelt, who was an advid boxer, was the first presidential candidate to use "throw my hat in the ring" to announce his run at the U.S. presidency.
by Tenacious Faulker April 04, 2009

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A condition of convenient memory loss that affects political candidates at election time. This is an chronic condition stemming from being an incurable asshole or insufferable idiot but one can still seek treatment since ObamaCare covers pre-existing conditions such as this.
Warning from the Surgeon General:

Romnesia is an unfortunate, chronic condition affecting 9 out of 10 politicians during election campaigns

Symptoms are: forgetting one's original political stances, pandering, short-term memory loss, long-term memory loss, voter confusion, flip-flopping, plagerizing others' ideas and speaking in Palin-dromes. Symptoms maybe be exacerbated when addressing crowds, during televised interviews or debating.
by Tenacious Faulker October 26, 2012

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Business jargon for a function before a professional meeting, seminar, convention or conference where you go to meet people in your field to network and get laid.
The National Protological Association annuall convention's meet and greet was a success. I met with the heads of 5 manufactures, 4 resellers, 2 financiers, and 3 cocktail waitresses.
by Tenacious Faulker July 10, 2009

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Turning on a TV show that you don't usually watch and yet somehow, inexplicably, always managing to see the same rerun episode.
Roommate 1: Unbelieveable! Whenever I settle on watching "Medium" I somehow always pick up the episode when Allison is battling the ghost serial killer played by the dad from "That 70's Show".

Roommate 2: Oh, I love that one!

Roommate1: Yeah, but this the 3rd time I've seen it and its the only episode I've ever seen! Didn't they make like five seasons of this show? Talk about your deja view!
by Tenacious Faulker November 30, 2009

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