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Nickname for Progressive Field in Cleveland, OH. The nickname refers to ‘Flo’, longtime insurance-loving spokesperson who has become as synonymous with Progressive Insurance as The Gekko has with GEICO insurance.

Originally known as Jacobs Field when opened in 1994.
‘In 2019 the All Star Game will be held at The Flo’

‘The Flo will turn 25 in 2019. Great place to watch a baseball game.’
by Ten Forward July 08, 2019

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Something where someone or something is far and away the best above second place. Refers to Secretariat's 33 length win in the 1973 Belmont.
'When it comes to great NFL quarterbacks, Tom Brady is Secretariat at the Belmont'

'When it comes to TV shows, The Wire is Secretariat at the Belmont. Nothing close.'

'Right now the Warriors are Secretariat at the Belmont. I can't see anyone reeling them in
by Ten Forward February 22, 2019

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Describes a situation where a person or group unreasonably or in bad faith prevents another person or group from obtaining something that they want, more out of spite than anything else. Because the rationale of the blocking party is often petty or personal the term 'crock' is used.

A variation on 'cock-block', although it can be used in more situations and being PG-13 in nature as well as humorous is also suitable for work or most social situations.
'Boston College cannot crock-block UConn out of the ACC forever. UConn has too much to offer.'

'Peter Marshall was ambivalent about taking the hosting gig for Hollywood Squares in 1966 but he did it as much to crock-block Dan Rowan (whom he loathed) as anything else.'

'Pierce Brosnan was offered the role of James Bond in the 80s but the producers of Remington Steele crock-blocked him.'
by Ten Forward January 12, 2017

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One word statement used in sports as an absolute rebuttal that the best team or player ALWAYS wins. Used when players or fans make excuses or blame poor officiating, injuries, controversies and/or other factors as to why their team or player lost, or otherwise try to argue that the team or player that lost is actually the better player.
"The Tuck Rule didn't lose the game for the Raiders. They had their chances all night long, and didn't take advantage. The Patriots did. Scoreboard."

"I agree the call at the end against the Celtics was ticky-tack, at best. But if they were so good, why did it matter? Look at the scoreboard, deal with it, and move on."

"The USSR earned the Gold Medal in Basketball in 1972. Period. Yes, I know the head of FIBA was totally out of line. Yes, I know the referees were clueless at best, biased at worst. But, dammit, if the USA were the better team, they would have won. Period. The scoreboard never lies. Ever."
by Ten Forward April 04, 2017

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Derogatory term used for someone in the public eye (typically an athlete or actor) who has a reputation of being a prima donna or self-important.

Based on Diana Ross insisting people ‘call (her) Miss Ross
‘Randy Moss is a total diva. Call him Miss Ross.’

‘Eh, call him Miss Ross. Every fantasy league he’s been in (name of owner) has managed to irritate all the other owners’
by Ten Forward December 10, 2020

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Something absolutely epic, unbelievable and/or awe-inspiring. Named for Albert Pujols's massive (estimated) 468-foot home run in Game 5 in the 2005 NLCS off Astros pitcher Brad Lidge when the Cardinals were down to their last out.

Can be used to describe any amazing achievement anywhere. Does not necessary have to be clutch, but can be.
"Michael J. Fox truly hit a Pujols moonshot with his wife."
"Did you see Jamie Foxx in Ray? That was a Pujols moonshot performance if ever I saw one"
"Eisenhower. D-Day. Pujols moonshot. End of discussion."
"The Knack didn't have the best career, but dammit, My Sharona was a Pujols moonshot for the ages.'
by Ten Forward June 04, 2017

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In pop culture, most often fantasy sports, movies or TV, someone who performs extraordinarily well or accomplishes something amazing. Primarily use in an exclamation to convey awe, respect and/or admiration. Can also be used to describe one's self for bravado and/or to celebrate a great accomplishment. Also is usually typed in ALL CAPS, for added effect. Popularized by Mike Myers in the Austin Powers franchise, where he frequently used the term to describe himself.
"Did you see Andrew Luck last week? Six touchdown passes, three over 50 yards. Now THAT is what I call a SEXY BEAST!!!"

"A year ago, I was on probation. Now I'm Director of the entire department. I told you, I am a SEXY BEAST!"

"How can you possibly say David Price is a sexy beast? The man cannot perform in the postseason for nothing!"
by Ten Forward October 08, 2016

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